Saturday, November 12, 2005


Another good day!

Sadly, I couldn't go to see Jeremy today because Miss Madeline is sick and I didn't want to leave her or take any germs to Jeremy-he has enough to deal with already. However, my parents report that he had a good day. He does have a slight fever again-but at the time I talked with them it hadn't spiked nearly as high as it had been. The good news is that he is doing more breathing on his own. They have turned the vent down-I'm not sure of the percentage of his own breathing vs. the vent helping him but everyone was pleased. He was resting comfortably and calmly at last report.

Keep praying!

I am praying for Jeremy and understand he is a real Star Wars fan. I would like to send a package to him and if you could let me know where to send it, I will do so this week. Tell him I am thinkging about him. Jane Emison
I was stunned to hear the news about Jeremy from Ralph Bedwell. I am praying ever day for him. I will also keep the Warriners in my thoughts and prayers. If there is more that I could do, I beg you to ask. Jeremy has the constitution to come through this. I saw that back at Sidener.

Lesley Conrad
It is so good to hear the steadily improving reports of the recent days. Prayers will continue for Jeremy and the entire family..... from your Virginia cousins.
Harry and Lilla
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