Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Important Reminder about visiting the Burn Unit

On Sunday, Jeremy’s parents met with a representative from the People’s Burn Foundation, which gives support to burn victims and their families. One of the things the Foundation stresses is how dangerous infections are to burn victims. Because of this, they wanted to send a reminder about visits to the Burn Unit. Visitors are asked that if they feel they might be contagious, or have recently been in contact with someone who might be contagious, to postpone their visit to the Burn Unit. Because even if a visitor will not be in a patient’s room, a patient’s family member could become contagious, putting all the burn patients at risk. This is especially important to remember as we enter cold and flu season.

Comments: remain in our thoughts every day and the world would not be the same without the gleam in your eyes and your smile that could light up a room. Prayer can be powerful in strength and numbers and our family is one of the many with you on our mind. It has been our "pleasure" to know you over the years working for WLS and the main thing we learned is that you surround others with your patience and understanding. I hope that in future you will allow others to return the sentiment. You are blessed with an excpetional family as well as friends that are here in any way that you need them. Please call on us anytime. Jimmy & Alison Tucker
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