Sunday, November 13, 2005


More surgery

Just a quick note to tell you that Jeremy will have orthopedic surgery in the morning-he is first on the list because it is a fairly long surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as you go through your day tomorrow. We'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

i like to hear good news from jeremy,i am so glad he is doing his best to get better and better everyday.

i cant wait to see him someday!
Just wanting to wish you well for your surgery today Jeremy and to let you know that you are in mine and my familys thoughts and prayers. Hopefully I'll be back in Indy around xmas and will be able to visit.
Loads of love
Good luck this morning! My thought and prayers are with you but I know you are tough and will pull through just fine.

Sarah, I hope Madaline is feeling better!
Jeremy, you'll be in our thoughts all day as you undergo more surgery. Sarah, hope Madeline is better. I missed her wave this morning.
To Jeremy and Family,

Just a quick note to let you all know you're in my thoughts. Unfortunately I cannot come by the hospital and sign the guest book or take part in the quilt, as I live in Texas. Stay positive!

To the main contributors of the blog: you are doing a great job at a very tough task.

-Ashley Oaks
Thanks for the update, Sarah.
We're praying today. Many people ask me about Jeremy every week at church and are praying for him and for you and Patti and Robb.
the Orr's
Jeremy, you are in my thoughts today, all day. Prayers for you all day. I know God will be with you. I'm pray for your surgeons as well. I'm praying for Robb and Patty and Sarah and Madeline too!
Keep up the work to get better. Courage to you, Jo Ann Hatfield

Glad to hear you are doing better! I am very proud of you. Good Luck today with your surgery. I am praying for you.
Jeremy--You and your wonderful family are in our prayers every day. You are amazing in our book.

Love and hugs,
Katie, Ben and David
We are praying for you and thinking about you every day. In fact, you are in our thoughts so much that I even called our 1 year old Jeremy the other day...his name is Jordan. ;-)

Love, Minda, Mario, Cameron and Jordan
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