Wednesday, November 16, 2005


November 16th

Jeremy sat up for 2 1/2 hours today. He was off the vent and breathing on his own from 7:00 this morning until around 7:00 this evening-that's good. They put him back on tonight in order to give his body some much needed rest. He does still have a fever-hopefully after being completely off of antibiotics for a couple of days they will be able to do some cultures and isolate the infection-then we might see him go back on an antibiotic again. His sedation level remains the same-mostly sleeping but occasionally opening his eyes when he hears our voices. While I was there tonight he had a breathing treatment-which he did not like and the PT came and "stretched" his left knee which he liked even less. I could tell from the expressions on his face. We also managed to get a CD player "approved" by the hospital so it has been hooked up. Mom and Dad report that he was listening to a Star Wars soundtrack when they left this evening. That is all on our end for now-I'll write more tomorrow.

We're so thankful for Jeremy's continued improvements. Especially for the good news regarding his knee and the surgery. Also, it is wonderful that he is doing so much more breathing on his own - he's definitely on the right track!
We continue to "pray without ceasing" for Jeremy, and for you and your mom and dad, too. The kids never forget him, and make a new picture for him every few days. We have quite a pile growing for him! :)
We love you all, and are so thankful for God's mercy in Jeremy's life.
Thank you very much for the updates, I read them every day.
Kelly for the Orr's
Jeremy, we are so happy to hear that you are doing better. We know you are glad to have a CD player and to be listening to Star Wars.
Sarah, thanks so much for the updates. We look forward to them.
Rob, Patty, and Sarah please call if there is anything we can do.
Jeremy, we love you and are praying for your recovery.
The Armacosts
Thank you for the continued updates. Your entire family remains in our prayers. You are special people.

Pat and Beth Pritchett
Thanks for the daily updates. It is so great to see the continuing stream of positive reports. Our love and prayers for you all will continue.

Lilla and Harry
Jeremy, et al--
We're so encouraged to hear of the daily improvements and applaud your strong will and courage. Thanks, Sarah, for the updates. We read them every day. You're all in our prayers.

Katie, Ben and David
p.s. David would love to burn some CDs for Jeremy. Any favorites?
Wow, a ton of improvement over the last few days! I am certainly glad to hear of this encouraging news. You are still in my thoughts. I would send you music, but in west Texas we only have two kinds: Country and Western...neither of which would motivate me personally to do much but turn down the volume. Keep up the good fight Jeremy and family.

-Ashley Oaks
Amber and I have been praying for you and are anxiously awaiting an opportunity to come visit. It is exciting to see how many people love and care about you. This is truly a reflection of what a tremendous person you are. Keep your head up, and we will see you soon.

Jeff and Amber Witherbee

Awesome news about how much better your getting bud. I will be by tommorrow before I play and drop you some of your favourites on a CD to listen too, I would bring something else but I don' think the doctors would look to fondly on me bringing in one of your light sabre's to pass the time. Take care and make sure you are well tommorrow. Keep up the good fight bud


This is my first blog entry. I have had Jeremy and his family in my thoughts and prayers for some time now. I was nervous about logging on, but now I am grateful I have. It is hard to get consistent updates being 3 hours behind Indy time, so thank you to all who have taken the time and energy to get this site together.

-Carson Howald

I love hearing all the good news and progress you are making. One little step at a time. I am coming over to Indy to visit once you are alert and able. Jennie and I continue to pray for you and your family. Keep up the fight!

To all my fellow blog readers/contributors....I think we all have much to be thankful for as we approach the holidays but I know you will join me in placing Jeremy at the top of our lists this year.

Jim Goodman
We pray for Jeremy daily and are thankful for the wonderful updates.
SMF- School 26.
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