Wednesday, November 23, 2005


November 23rd

Jeremy has had a rough day. He is still running a fairly high fever so the doctors are looking for additional infections. He was very alert and responsive today but between his fever and the amount of pain he has he just feels rotten. He's been trying to communicate with us which is frustrating for him and for us because we can't understand him. There is supposed to be a speech therapist coming in the next couple of days to work with him on how to use the new trach-so hopefully it won't be long before we can really talk to him. It is still unclear what he does or does not know about the accident and about his legs. We have yet to actually tell him but we know the time draws near.

Several people have asked us what they should specifically pray for concerning Jeremy right now. I think my parents and I agree that what is most concerning to us right now is the infection that won't seem to let go. It is impeding everything that concerns his progress. Please pray for the doctors to be able to find and treat this infection-and that his body is able to heal.

Take care of each other over the holiday weekend and please be safe in your travels. I'll update more tomorrow.

Yes, Sarah, we will most certainly pray for Jeremy's doctors and all the people who are providing him with such loving care. That includes you and your folks. And, of course, Jeremy, we pray for you and daily improvements. In your honor on Thanksgiving, we will hold all our loved ones even closer.

God bless,

Katie, Ben and David
I am thankful this Thanksgiving for the progress Jeremy has shown this month. I will continue to pray for him, his family, and the staff attending to his care. May the force be with you Jeremy. You are one of my favorite people.
Peace and Love,
Today more than any other day we will celebrate Thanksgiving in your honor my friend . We wish all the best luck to the whole team of Doctors that are taking good care of you and hopefully they can find the cause of the infection and also stop it. Jeremy We love you you are on our prayers always..

Ana Maria Godoy
Sarah...You are to be commended for your contribution to the healing of Jeremy through your reports that enable us to keep you, Jeremy and your parents and your extended family in our prayers. The Cathedral Singers enlist prayers of healing and support for Jeremy each time we meet when prayer concerns are shared at the beginning of our practices. God's arms around you.
Lela Russell
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