Friday, November 25, 2005


November 25th

There was little change today for Jeremy-still has a fever, still very alert, still responsive, and still frustrated. They did take the splint off of his right wrist for awhile today-then later it was replaced with a different type of splint that allows his fingers to move a bit. We had slightly more success with understanding him today. He made it very clear that he wanted some ice cream-he repeated that throughout the day. Of course, that's just not possible right now-but I, for one, intend to take him the biggest bowl of whatever kind he wants as soon as he can have it.

We noted that he sort of comes in and out of reality with his questions-he knows who we are but often seems to think he's at the hotel or needs to be working his shift. Other times he is perfectly clear and asks questions about what is around him. I'm sure that this has a lot to do with the pain killers, sedatives, and antibiotics that he has been on for weeks. Mom and Dad did try to talk with him some about what has happened-but it is unclear how much he was able to process and remember-we will probably have to go over it many times. When I left today he was sitting up and watching a Smallville DVD-he was uncomfortable but the nurses were coming to put him back in his bed. Mom and Dad stayed several more hours and felt that he was OK with them leaving and that he was in need of rest.

I'll be sure to update you again tomorrow-let's all pray for the fever to go down and the infection to go away.

Stay strong Jeremy. I am love to hear the positive progress your making. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we all definatly have plenty to be Thankful for. Your sister, mother and father have been at your side every possible moment. your friends have been coming out of the woodworks to see how your doing and offering their support. You mean so much to so many people, you have been their for me and everybody else when we needed it, and now we are here for you. Cleo is doing great and missing you. As much as I love careing for her, I definatly look forward to the day I can bring her home to you. not to get rid of her, of course, but that will be the day that you are home and out of the hospital, a day you and all of us are looking forward to. I love you brother. stay strong.

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