Saturday, November 26, 2005


November 26th

Much the same today-Jeremy still has a fever which indicates that there is still infection. I fear that it is in his left leg and wonder what they will find as they head into surgery yet again on Monday. He was very clear today when I went to the hospital. He wanted to know about the girl that caused the accident. He asked questions about his house, the car, his cat, etc. He knows about his legs-but I'm not completely sure that reality has set in-in fact I'm reasonably sure that it hasn't. We continue to tell him that he is going to be OK, he is going to be able to return to his work, he'll be able to walk again, and even drive a car. We also tell him that his friends and the rest of his family are so anxious to see him and we read him all of your cards and letters. He said to me earlier that he would have a lot of responses to make-I told him that we'd take care of that for him.

The medication is playing tricks on his mind and so he is spending a lot of time trying to differentiate between what is reality and what is not-for instance, he told me several times that he saw Madeline run by in the hallway-and even made me go check despite the fact that I told him that she was not there. Some of this confusion may stem from his high fever as well as the medication. He is uncomfortable and says that he is hungry. Mom is spending the night with him at the hospital tonight to ease his mind a little.

Some good things-he is totally off of the vent and the dialysis-they have even taken those wires out and removed the machines from the room. It has been easier to understand what he is saying-and when he is clear minded-he is very clear minded.

There will be surgery on Monday-I don't know details yet but will be sure to update tomorrow.

Im so proud that you have made it this far. Keep on fighting and lets kick the tar out of that infection. I look forward to talking to you once they get a phone into that room of yours. I miss you pal, and cant wait to talk to you!
I'm so pleased to hear that you are making steady progress. You continue to be in my thoughts throughout the day. I will be in town in a few weeks and will stop in to see you again if you're up for a visit.

I know that the doctors will find the source of the infection and will help you get past it. Just stay strong and be patient.

I love you,
Hi Jeremy,
It's so good to hear you are getting better. Keep up the fight. I'm sure the doctors will find that infection and get it in control soon. It's good to hear you are awake as well. Hope to see you soon!
Love and prayers,
Jo Ann and Nick Hatfield
Hi Jeremy:

I'm so happy that you are doing much better everyday. We'll be praying for you tomorrow and hopefully everything goes fine with cirgury. You are in our thoughts and hearts as always..

Ana Maria
Good luck tomorrow.
You are in our thoughts.
Stay strong.

Hey big guy!

I came by the hospital today to see how you and your parents were doing. Your dad gave me an update and I got to talk with your mom(they are both so sweet and strong for you!) I will be praying for you during your surgery and through out the day tomorrow and the rest of the week and beyond. Stay strong my friend. You are a true inspiration to me. I am very proud of you!

Later Bud!


Great news! It is nice to see the continued steps forward. Best wishes tomorrow during your surgery. Jennie and I continue to think and pray for you daily. Take care my friend.
Jeremy and Family,

I have been away the for the Thanksgiving holiday and just got back to check the site. I am glad to hear that Jeremy is responding more to the world around him and continue to pray for the infection problem.
I know we don't see you often, but I feel very close to my Indiana Family when we do get together. Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers everyday. The kids ask about ya'll everyday and pray for you also.

Lisa Kuper Lusk
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