Sunday, November 13, 2005


Progress continues

Patty called this morning and reported that Jeremy had a pretty good day yesterday.  He was sedated a little more because of a g-tube adjustment yesterday, so has not been opening his eyes as often as he had been.  But, now they will continue to lessen his sedation and expect him to be fully conscious in the next 7-10 days. 
They are making some progress in weaning Jeremy off the ventilator; he breathes much more on his own and just gets periodic help from the ventilators.  This is sort of "exercising" his respirations, so eventually he won't need any help from the vent.
His temperature has just been low-grade, with no sudden spikes last night, so he had a pretty good night last night.
As far as they know, he still has follow-up orthopedic surgery scheduled for Monday.  After that, his only surgeries will be skin grafts. 
Jeremy's kidneys still aren't functioning, but the doctors are still hopeful that the dialysis is temporary.
He continues to make "baby steps" in improvement, and for that we are so thankful!
Thank you for your continued prayers for the Warriners,

Oops! Sorry for the duplicate information from Sarah's update! I posted today's update from Outlook instead of the website, so I didn't notice she had posted!

Thanks for your update, Sarah. Sure hope Maddie is feeling well soon!


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