Friday, November 11, 2005


A Quieter Day

Just a quick note to let you know that Jeremy had a calmer day today. He appeared to be sleeping when I saw him-but I managed to get a little rise out of him before I left. It is so wonderful to see his whole face without the tubes coming out of his mouth. He was fever free when I saw him and had been for two hours! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't help but think this is a good sign.

Friends of Jeremy's continue to make contact and visit with us. Cliff is here!!-good buddy of Jeremy's and of our family. I'm sure that just his presence will bring out the fight in Jeremy. We continue to be so thankful to all of Jeremy's friends and our family for the support you are giving us and him. What a great network! Take care-I'll post more soon.


Glad to hear that today was an overall good day. One day at a time and even better when they are positve. Hang in there Jeremy! I am glad to hear that Cliff made it over. Take care all and God Bless.
Good to hear. Keep fighting Jeremy. We're all here for you. Thinking about you man.
Much love,
Sarah, I hope your doing well, it sound like your brother is doing better and fever free for two hours!! Yeah. YOu all are in my prayers. take good care of him!! see ya soon. Bonnie
Glad to hear today was a good day. Ralph Bedwell. Pat Iler and Leslie Conrad(both counselors at BRHS had lunch today and send prayers for Jeremy and the family.
Beth Bedwell
Sarah, Thank you so much for keeping me updated on Jeremy! i am praying for your parents and especially you. I know how it feels to be the "big sis".

Jeremy, buddy, I am praying for you and I wish many wishes for you to get better really soon! Keep it up!

Mary from Music Camp

I'm so glad you had a better day! You were definitely due! There are so many people at our church praying for you! Each time that I've been there, I can hardly get through the building because so many people are stopping me for updates!! Many of them said they check this blog daily for updates so they can continue to pray accordingly. The prayers are literally reaching world wide!!

Keep getting better!!

Dear Jeremy and family,
We have asked friends here in Rockford, Illinois, to pray for your continued recovery, also relatives in many states.
We know you are going to get better each day because of all the love that surrounds you and because of the wonderful doctors and nurses who are caring for you.
We also praying for Madeline, Sarah, your parents, Grandpa, and all your friends and relatives who care about you so very much.
Bill and Pam Moore
I've been following the Jeremy Updates; it helps me hold you and family in care and prayers.

Your will to live, the support of family, medical staff, and friends support your recovery, that's what is important. May God give peace and strength to you and all.

Mary Z. Longstreth, NUMC
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