Monday, November 21, 2005


A Rough Day

Jeremy's surgery was delayed until close to 6:00 this evening-thus the late entry on the blog. We have had some sad news-the doctors had to go ahead and amputate Jeremy's left knee. When they undid the dressings for surgery they found that the bone had not healed from last week's surgery and that there was a large blood clot that had caused the muscle tissue to die. If they had allowed this tissue to remain it would have caused an extremely serious infection for Jeremy. Also-the leg would not have been viable for a prosthesis. They were able to go ahead and do skin grafting on his right leg. Skin grafting on his left leg has been postponed until the beginning of next week. Therefore-another surgery. He came through this surgery fine. When Mom and Dad left around 10:15 he was sleeping and should sleep through the night.

It is still our belief that Jeremy will know about his legs in the next couple of days. Please continue to pray that he will find the strength to deal with all of this information as well as for his physical healing.

Thank you so much.

Sarah, Thank you so much for the information. Bruce, Brian, Josh and I are praying for Jeremy and your family daily and will continue to do so.
Love, The Armacosts

I know at some point soon you are going to find out about all that has happened. Jennie and I are constantly thinking and praying for you and hope that the huge progress you have already made continues. I am going to share the prayer that my sister prayed daily during her fight with cancer. I carry it with me always and I think it will be helpful as you come to terms with all that has happened. Take care my friend and I am coming over when you are ready for visitors!

Prayer of St. Teresa -

Let nothing disturd you; nothing frighten you. All things are passing. God never changes. Patience obtains all things. Nothing is wanting to him who possesses God. God alone suffices.
Jeremy and family--You continue to be in our prayers--today and every day.

Katie, Ben and David
Hi Jeremy,
You and all of your family are in our prayers throughout the day. You have made good progress and we are really thankfull. These next days are going to be tough for you. Please know that we all really care and are with you in our support.
Jo Ann Hatfield
We really appreciate this blog site so we can know what is happening, thank you Sarah.
Your entire family remain in our prayers. I am sure that Jeremy will find the strength, with God's help, to deal with what has happened. You are an extrodinary family.

Pat and Beth Pritchett

We so appreciate all your efforts to keep those that care so much for Jeremy and the Warriner family informed. You all are never far from our thoughts. Thank you.

To you and the family I wish you peace of mind and heart during the holiday of Thanksgiving - 'thanks' for Jeremy's continual improvements and strength as well as the outpour of support, and much 'giving' in thoughts, prayers and good vibes sent to Jeremy, et. al...


Keep up the good fight!

With much care and concern,
Amy Hatfield (Mark's sister) & Michael Bangert (husband).
Warriners - please know that you're constantly in our thoughts. We're so sorry to read about the "rough day" - what a terrible disappointment. But we're glad to hear of the continuous progress in other ways - such a long journey you've made, and will continue to make with the love and support of your family and friends. With wishes for a peaceful thanksgiving, - The Forans
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