Monday, November 14, 2005


Surgery over-for now

Mom and Dad called around 9:15. Jeremy is out of surgery. They were able to keep the left knee-in fact they were able to remove the original plate put in, (during his very first surgery immediately after the accident), and did not replace it with another because the bone was fusing together so well. They decided not to introduce anymore foreign material into the body. The doctor said that the temporary skin grafts look good and that there is no sign of infection in either leg.

The doctor opted not to work on Jeremy's right leg tonight due to the potential of too much blood loss. His next surgery will be either Friday or Monday. In that surgery they will shape the right leg and hopefully do skin grafting of both legs (with his own skin this time). Dad called back just a few minutes ago and said that Jeremy is back in his room. They were going to go see him and then head home for tonight.

I believe that because Jeremy will be having more surgery after all that he will remain in the same type of sedated state that he has been in these past few days-with moments of alertness here and there but still very sedated.

As always we appreciate all of you sending your thoughts and prayers his way. Keep it up-he still has a long road ahead. One of us will update more tomorrow even if it's just to say it was a quiet day-that in itself is sometimes good news.

I'm so glad you came through surgery well. Prayers are answered! All sounds good this time in surgery. We love you Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!
Jo Ann Hatfield and family
I'am so glad Jeremy did well in surgery. You all are in our prayers and are on many pray chains in Florida and Pa.

J. Gurney
Jeremy--You're the man! We're all pulling for you.

Katie, Ben and David

Glad to hear you came through the surgery ok, I saw Cliff on Friday along with all of the old crew, it was great to see everyone gathered together again. I played your favourite song that I play (American Pie) and I didnt screw it up that badly this time! you must have been listening, seeing as you could'nt join me in singing it on stage I had to have Cliff and Dave stand in, they did an ok job but it wasn't the same without you there. Maybe next time I play that it will be time for you to give another rendition of the american classic!. But seriously bud, keep getting better and I will be by to see you this week. Love you man. Ryan
In my mind, you have pulled through all this,...
Time just hasn't caught up yet.

Love and Blessings...
Good to hear the surgery went well. Keep fighting Jeremy. We're thinking about you.
Much love,
I'm so glad your surgery went well! I check the blog everyday to see how you're coming along. Stay strong and keep getting healthier.

Best wishes,
Erin (Nobles) Longwell
Good news. thanks Sarah, we check this blog everyday. Ted and Johanna Maple
Great News!!!!

We look forward to even more good news. We think of ya'll often.

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