Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Surgery scheduled for tomorrow (Thurs)

A bit of good news, today was a bit better for Jeremy -- at least better than this time last week. So, as of now Jeremy appears to be stable enough for surgery tomorrow. The surgery is scheduled for noon, "give or take 3 hours" is what they told his family. The Medical Director said Jeremy does still have the infection, but his white cell count has dropped, which could indicate that his body is starting to overtake the infection.

They have several goals for the surgery. One will be to repair his broken jaw. During this surgery, they will wire his jaw closed while his jaw heals. Because of this, they will need to do a tracheostomy. The trach tube will just be temporary -- I assume they will just need it until his jaws are healed. Jeremy will also need a g-tube (feeding tube) which is also temporary, and necessary because of the jaw surgery. Lastly, they will be doing temporary skin grafts. They won't be doing any orthopedic surgery tomorrow because the surgeon is out of town until Monday. So, the date for the follow-up orthopedic surgery isn't definite yet.

Let's all pray Jeremy will continue to be strong enough for surgery tomorrow, that it goes smoothly, and for strength and peace for Robb, Patty & Sarah.


Colleen-thank you for posting this-I am so tired tonight so it was nice to see it already finished. I really feel better knowing that we are moving forward a step-the first of many I hope!
We are glad that you are stronger and can have surgery tomorrow. Our prayers are with you, Jeremy. We love you!
Thanks for this blog and Robb, Patty, and Sarah please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
Love, Carolyn and Bruce Armacost
Good luck with the surgery today! My fingers and toes will be crossed for you all day in that it all goes as planned. I miss you my friend....
I have had a hard time finding the words to convey my thoughts. So many folks have called with concern and care for you. You are truly loved by so many, it really makes me proud to call you my brother. God be with you today and through the recovery. Ill see you this weekend, dear friend. Love,
We echo the Armacosts' comments. So glad to hear about a better day! Jeremy, our thoughts are with you. We look forward to the next holiday celebration with you and your folks.

The blog is a great idea; thanks for the updates. Warriners, you know where we live! :) Do not hesitate to call us if you need us.

Leslie and Mark Nardo
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