Thursday, November 24, 2005



Well, Jeremy remains about the same today-fever is about one degree less than it was yesterday-but still a problem. There is a team of infectious disease doctors that are continuing to look for various causes of infection. I pray that I'll be able to pass along good news about that soon.

He was very alert and responsive today-which is good-but I can see and feel his frustration as he tries to communicate with us. He moved his arms around a lot today and seemed to attempt to gesture at things.

It was a long hard day-but I think it some ways it brought new meaning to Thanksgiving. We are so thankful that Jeremy is still here with us and seems to be taking steps to improvement-no matter how small. We are also thankful to you-his friends and family (and ours) for the support you are giving him in so many ways. Next year we will have so much to celebrate.

Sarah-and the entire Warriner Family

God bless you and keep you. God make his face to smile upon you, and give you peace. He loves us more than we love each other. He is here! His angels surround you...
The prayers of the faithful are all around you and God hears every one.. Remember we (the body of
christ) are with you...

God is known for doing things that we cannot understand or accept. HE has a Plan for all of us. A Plan that we might never understand or accept either. Though he was laid low by this unfortunate event, we all have to believe and have faith that Jeremy has been, is, and will be strong enough to endure for there is a Plan for him that God only knows.
Stay strong Jerm - we all love you.
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