Sunday, November 06, 2005


Visited with Jeremy's family today

We visited with Jeremy's family at Wishard Hospital today and he is still critical, and still sedated. He does have an infection that they can't find the source of, which has caused fever spikes and blood pressure problems, but today is relatively stable. Jeremy is still on the vent, although the Warriners have been told that his lungs look good and they hope to be able to wean him off of it soon.

Jeremy is still also on kidney dialysis, but the doctors are hoping it is temporary. They still don't know what has caused his kidneys to stop functioning, but apparently it can happen when a person has experienced this much trauma, including infections, etc.

At this point, they have tentatively scheduled leg surgery for tomorrow (Monday, 11/7/05). He will be evaluated this evening to determine whether he is stable enough for the surgery. His next surgery will be facial surgery and is scheduled for Wednesday.

The family appreciates so much all your support and prayers thus far, but as we know, Jeremy has a long recovery ahead of him and he will definitely need continuing support.

The Warriners also expressed that although we're all anxious to see Jeremy once he is taken off the sedatives, he may not be up for visitors, maybe even for some time. However, it will be so important that he knows so many others are praying for him and support and love him. You can send cards to Jeremy in c/o his parents. Also, please feel free to leave comments at this blog. Hopefully, maybe even while he's still in the hospital, Jeremy will be able to come to this site and read the comments.

We will make every effort to keep up-to-date information, while at the same time, trying not to bug the family too much by asking for that information. :-) Jeremy's sister, Sarah Moore, may also give updates from time to time.

A cousin to Jeremy,

Colleen Worley


We are praying for you and thinking about you constantly!! There are people around the world praying for you, too!

We love you!

Dear Jeremy,

Your family is praying for you here in Virginia. We wish we could be there in Indiana with you.

Love you!
Dearest Jeremy,

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We think of you every day and say a prayer for you every night. We miss you here and hope to be able to see you soon!

Gene & Becky Swiderski
Dear Jeremy,

We are thinking about you every day and your in our prayers! Love ya!

Carla Monroe and Casey Hogan
Praying for you Jeremy! Get better soon.
Jeremy and family; The whole Clarke family sends their prayers, energy and thoughts to you for a lasting recovery. We all have fond memories of all the families on Park Avenue. I'm glad we can get updates on your progress on a daily basis. My best always and sincere love to you. Jane Clarke
Hi Jeremy,

it's been a long time since I've heard from you, but I wish this wasn't the way to get news about you now.

From what I read, I see you've got a phenomenal family and network of friends. I'm feeling very sad, but hopeful. I'm thinking of you and am confident that very soon you'll get well and have fun!

Diana (Montreal, Canada)
Well it has been a long time since we have talked but just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers....keep kicking butt and can do it!

Annika from Delaware
Dear Jeremy,

I have just read your story and I have to say that it moved me in such a way that I just had to post to you. You are an amazing individual and I truely believe that you are an angel that has been sent here to teach us how, now matter what, to put our trust in Jesus. Jeremy, it would be such an honor to meet you and talk with you. You have inspired me beyond words and I wish you nothing but the best in you endevours. I would also say that you are so fortunate to have such loving parents and family members to help you through. I will think of you often and share your story with others. God Bless...

Lorri from Indianapolis
Hey Jeremy & other Family Members,

This printed message is long over-due.
Leah & Mick are members of our church.
I talk with Leah (or maybe you call her Colleen) frequently for updates, and she recently gave me this site to communicate with you.
WOW you are such an inspiration to each of us! We just want you to know that at any given time of day there are prayers being sent upward for you and your family.
Until our next visit, keep the "Son"
in your eyes.

Dover Christian Church
Lebanon, IN
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