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December 10th

I'm so sorry that I didn't update this last night-Madeline and I were having our own hospital experience at Riley-right across the street from Uncle Jeremy! No worries-we are home and fine-but this blog isn't about us... Jeremy did move to rehab on Friday. It is a lot different than the hospital (so I hear-I haven't been to see him since Wednesday). This is a different level of care-still good quality-just a different type. He is used to having lots of activity and being able to see the nurses from his room-with several nurses and one specific to him. The rehab unit it is much quieter-just five patients there right now and a much smaller staff. The room is more private and away from the nurses station. This sounds good to me but I think it's a little scary to Jeremy. Hopefully I will get there tomorrow and be able to give you a first hand account. Here is the information about visiting hours and location:
IU Acute Rehabilitation Center (The ARC)
980 Indiana Avenue
This is just one block away from Wishard in a yellow building.
Visiting hours are 5-9 Monday-Friday and 11-9 on weekends and holidays. We understand that visiting hours are fairly strict, unlike they were at the burn unit, due to the intense therapy throughout the week. I'll let you know more as we get into this new routine. He begins the hard work on Monday-keep him in your prayers. Thanks!

Hey Jeremy,

Glad to hear the move went ok.

Good Luck for the start of your rehab tomorrow (Mon). I'll be thinking of you. It'll be hard but we all know you can do it and you have so many people here to love and support you, you'll do great.

Take care, and see you soon.

Dear Jeremy
You don't know us, Lisa Kuper Lusk is our daughterinlaw. You are in our prayers daily and we wish you much success in this therapy routine.Hang in there we all need you back tip top.
We are pulling for you. Betty andBill

Is it ok then to visit him? I have not been able to go to see Jeremy lately but me and Manny want to start going again so bad.We are so happy for Jeremy and for you.Our congratulations from us..
We love you Jeremy
Wow, Jeremy,
What great news. Rehab!!! You have been in our prayers right from the start and you still are. Patty, Robb, Sarah and Madeline are also in our prayers. Keep getting better. I hope to to see you soon.
Jo Ann Hatfield
Thanks for continuing to give great updates for Jeremy. Our entire family is praying daily, many times throughout each day, for Jeremy's return to strength. We love you all!

John 16:33
"These things I have spoken to you, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage! I have overcome the world"
You are doing so great Jeremy! I am so happy to hear that your move to rehab went well. The first few days are going to be tough as you get used to the routine but you are a very determined and though person so I know you are going to do very well. We are all here to supoort you in any way that we can. The weather kept me from coming to see you last week but I hope to pay you a visit at the begining of the week. Keep taking those baby steps!!! I miss you and can't wait to see you!
Hi Jeremy!
I am very happy that you are in rehab. That is a triumph!!! I have been keeping track of all the updates and you are constantly in my prayers. I am sure you can handle the treatment because I have always considered you a very strong and determined person.
Take care,
Dear Jeremy,

We're glad to hear you're improving. We hope to visit with you soon.

Ted Maple and Family
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