Sunday, December 11, 2005


December 11th

I saw Jeremy today for a bit. The rehab unit is nice and quiet-I found it peaceful even-but I think tomorrow it will be a much busier place. You have to ring a buzzer to get admitted to this unit but once you are in there is a nice big room in the center with a big screen TV and tables for visiting, eating, playing games, etc. The patient rooms surround this room. Jeremy's room is about as far away from the nurse's station as you can get so I can understand why he feels a little isolated. His room is small but fairly comfortable and has a view of the monorail (not exactly scenic). One very nice thing about this new place is that he will be able to see Madeline (if she ever gets healthy) and Grandpa-who has not seen Jeremy at all.

I talked with Jeremy, my parents, and the medical staff about visitors as several people have mentioned that they would like to come and see him. At this point we have all agreed that due to the intense therapy schedule that Jeremy will be on it is best to limit his visitors to family only. Please don't take offense to this-I know that in time he will want to see you all. He is going to be extremely tired (and probably cranky) after his therapy sessions-they are planning to push him hard. I also think that Jeremy still has some adjusting to this new place, level of activity, and his own physical appearance to do. If you really would like to visit with him we are asking that you get in contact with me or with my Mom and Dad first so that we can discuss it with Jeremy and give you an accurate view of his day and his mood. Most of you know how to get ahold of at least one of us. Thank you so much for respecting his wishes-I will be sure to let you know when he is feeling up to more company.

Wish him well tomorrow!

P.S. I do know that he would welcome cards and letters-you can check back on yesterday's entry to get the address (I don't have the zip but it could be easily figured out) or send them to his address (his mail is beng forwarded to Mom and Dad's).

Glad to hear things are going well!

I have been wanting to return to visit with the family, but have had the flu and now have a sinus infection.

My love is with all of you!

Colleen Olson-Criswell
I have been out of yours and other loops for a while. I do not have a computer at home and I have not been to the library for a while. I had to go out of town. I also have several other lame excuses.
When I can come to see you or your family at your new location, I will. I want to see you getting better. The only time I have been in to see you was early after your arrival into the burn unit. I came in with Bruce Livingstone and we both talked to you. You were sedated, but we both talked to you anyway. Hopefully that gave you strength.
I like that your doctor told you that your progress was amazing. It seemed like it to me, but it sounds better coming from your doctor. I know that you will comtinue to make more amazing progress. You have lots of people who have been, are and will continue to be herfe for you. You know that much rehabilitation is ahead of you and you know that lots of us will be there to assist you through your difficult times. We will be there to help you to walk and even walk for you, if need be.
Keep up the progress!!!
Love, Ron
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