Wednesday, December 14, 2005


December 14th

Jeremy had another decent day. The therapists did home visits to both his house and my parents-and Jeremy got to come too! They were able to tell them what types of accomodations were needed to help Jeremy be as independent as possible. It was nice for him to see familiar places if only for a little bit. If he continues at this pace he will be home sooner than originally planned. He is working very hard-and he's very determined. As it's late tonight I'll keep this short-another full day of work for all of us will be here before we know it. Take care. :)

Jeremy and family.....Wonderful,wonderful news!!!!! You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Harry and Lilla

That awesome news! Keep up the great work Jeremy. you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jeremy, you already know that you have an fantastic sister but have to tell you that she has been amazing at keeping everybody updated on your progress. We continue hopes and prayers for health and recovery; your progress is truly a miracle!
Bill and Pam Moore
That is fantastic! Jeremy, we are looking forward to seeing you at home soon. Wonderful news!!!

Love, the Nardos
It's great to see such progress!
Keep persevering!
When I read the news from yesterday I actually did a double-take at the part saying Jeremy got to leave the hospital! That's fantastic news, I even blurted out a response that earned me some curious looks from coworkers. Congrats, keep it up.

-Ashley Oaks
Each Christmas is a special time, one that's set apart; We think of love ones and dear friends, and joy fills our hearts. The crystal snowflakes in the air, the decorations bright; The soft, sweet songs of carolers. And church bells in the night. Though days be short and bitter cold and icy winds blow wild. We feel once more the peace and love brought by that special Child, our Saviour. I am thinking of you Jeremy and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless you!!
Marsha Shoemaker
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