Thursday, December 15, 2005


December 15th

Another good day for Jeremy-he got to have the wires and rubber bands removed from his jaw! He is able to eat some real food again but has to move slow. Nothing chewy or hard and he can have that burger but he has to eat it with a fork-no biting into anything for a while. We are very happy for him-things just seem to be moving right along now. I'll keep updating you on his progress-and it's so nice to be able to write happy things now. Have a good night!

Sarah, that's terrific! Wow! I'll bet that was a great-tasting burger! :-)

Jeremy's progress has just been nothing short of miraculous in these past couple of weeks.

I can hardly believe he's going to be released so soon! Any idea yet what his outpatient rehab schedule will be like?

Fantastic news! We're so glad for Jeremy. :)

We'll keep praying!

We're looking forward to seeing him when he's ready.

Wow!! I was unable to read your blog for 2 days and then I find that Superman goes home for a while. Great!! I cannot believe you will be going home soon. All along I kept reading about your progress and determination. I championed your cause, but I do not know if I really believed that you were as tough as you are. I am impressed!! Now I can believe that you can do almost anything. Carol Shugert saw you yesterday and told me how good you looked. Hooray for Jeremy!!
Keep up the progress and I will stop by to see you today or tomorrow or whenever you want me to stop in.
Love, Ron
Even Superman didn't realize his potential at first. Keep up the good work. I am so proud to say I know you. You are always on my mind. I will see you when you want me too. Until then, God Speed!!!!
Marsha Shoemaker
Great news! Ted and Johanna Maple
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