Friday, December 16, 2005


December 16th

Today was a mixed bag of emotion for Jeremy. He got to eat real food-yay! That was very cool-but also Cliff and Kelly got married tonight-Jeremy was supposed to have been in that wedding. When I saw him he was dressed in his official wedding attire (pajamas-no, I'm not kidding). He talked with Cliff right before the ceremony and I believe he talked wth both Cliff and Kelly afterwards-they were wonderful to do as much to include him as they could this evening. So many ups and downs-but overall he seems to keep his spirits up. We are anticpating his return home quite soon-with lots of outpatient therapy to follow-I believe it will be three days a week but I'm not really sure yet. I will keep you updated as I know. As always, thanks for everything that you all are doing for Jeremy and for us.

Jeremy continues to amaze with his progress, especially since he has been able to pay attention to what is around him again. Talking about outpatient p.t. already!! Congratulations on the real food. (And just in time for the Christmas goodies, too.) We continue to hold you up in prayer. God bless.
Florence & Dave

You are doing so well. I am happy for you. You continue to be in my prayers. You have given me a lot to think about this Christmas season. Thank you for being a friend to me.

I am amazed, I read this at least a couple of times a week, and that is wonderful!! How miraculous, we do pray for Jeremy every night, he is in our prayers and Sarah and her family too. take care. Love, Bonnie( Sarah's hairdresser)
We had our annual get-together and you were in our thoughts and prayers.

~Violet, Kelly, Kevin, Kristen, Elica, ...and so many others!
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