Sunday, December 18, 2005


December 18th

He's coming home, he's coming home, he's coming HOME!!!! Jeremy will be coming home on Tuesday-barring anything strange happening between now and then. He will be coming to Mom and Dad's until he can bear weight on his right hand-but then he will be able to be back at his house. How long will that take? We don't really know-he gets the wrist x-rayed again after New Year's. This begins yet another chapter in Jeremy's recovery. He will be in outpatient therapy for several months. I think that as nice as it will be for him to be home that it is going to be a little scary-and really begin to show what he needs to work toward. It will be a new kind of normal-but who knows how long it will take to get there.

We (the Warriner's) would like you to know that Jeremy may certainly have visitors while he is at Mom and Dad's-in fact, we encourage it-however Jeremy has asked that he have a few days to settle in before too many people are around-we also have a houseful because Uncle Mike and David will be here for the holidays. Also-because it is our home and there are no set visiting hours we are requesting that you get in touch with us or with Jeremy before just popping over. Obviously I am not going to post a phone number on the "World Wide Web" but my guess is that any of you who are considering coming to visit know how to get a hold of us-or know someone who does.

I will continue to update the blog each night until he gets home-then I will probably only update it once a week unless there is information that needs to get out quickly. I will post a new message by 10:30 on Wednesday evenings to keep everybody in the loop. Thanks again for everything-as he begins this new journey he will continue to need prayers and good thoughts. I'll let you know when he is officially home! :)

Jeremy and Family:

That is amazing news! I am glad to see that everything is working out wonderfully. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and amazing New Year.

Mary Freeman
We're so happy for you all! What an amazing recovery - isn't God truly our Great Physician?! He has used doctors and nurses and the other medical staff to help Jeremy in so many ways. Yet, the ultimate glory for Jeremy's life belongs to Him. We give thanks and praise to Him today for Jeremy! We love you, Warriner Family!
Love from the Orrs
Jeremy, how wonderful to be going home!! What a wonderful Christmas present for you and your family. Good luck with your continuing out patient therapy. I'm sure you'll do great.

To Jeremy and the rest of the Warriners, have a wonderfully Merry Christmas, and joy in the new year!!

Warmest Wishes,
Erin (Nobles) Longwell
I am so happy that Jeremy is able to go home! I have been praying that if nothing else, he would at least be able to go "home" for Christmas and be with all his family at one time but this is even better.

Jeremy, even though we haven't met, (Bob is my nephew) I have heard a lot about you in the past couple of months and have been keeping up with the news Sarah has been posting about your condition. I am so happy for you and your family and pray for your continued progress in the coming months.

Marilyn Becker
Jeremy, family and friends,
It is gratifying to know how much progress Jeremy has made. In an amazingly short period of time, Jeremy (Superman) has gone through several locational, spiritual, pshchological, emotional and physical changes. He has managed much better than most of us would have done. Thanks to the updates, we have been kept aware of Jeremy's amazing progress. I look forward to seeing Jeremy at his home, after a stint at his parents' home. It is wonderful to have a great mother, father, sister, extended family and friends who have given their physical, emotional and spiritual strength to Jeremy. I know that the family helped to pull Jeremy through his ordeal and pooled their courage and strength with his. The joint effort helped with his remarkable recovery. Jeremy, you are soo lucky to have such a caring and strong family! I was in awe of the strength of your parents and sister though the minutes, hours, days and weeks of their continued devotion to you! You have some new challenges ahead of you. I know that you will conquer them just as you have done so far. Continued good luck!!!
Love, Ron
Love, Ron
What wonderful news and a wonderful Christmas present. I am so excited that you will be able to be home with family over Christmas. Jeremy, you are truly and insperation. Keep up the hard work.

Kimberly (Waugh) Van Gessel

That is fantastic news!! I bet your so glad to be able to go home and back to a bit more normaility.

You'te doing great, keep it up.

I'll be in Indy for 10 days at the beginning of Jan and would love to come and see you.

Have a great xmas and see you soon,

Love Annie
What fantastic news Jeremy!! We are so excited about your progress. You should take great pride in your recovery, your good attitude and pride will carry you a long way. We will see you soon.

Jeff and Amber Witherbee
Jeremy, we can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to wave to you from the back yard! Welcome home!

The Nardos
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