Thursday, December 01, 2005


December 1st

Jeremy seemed in fairly good spirits today when I saw him. His orthopedic surgeon was in to talk with him and was very positive about his situation, surgery tomorrow, and his recovery. She is optimistic that tomorrow will be the last major surgery. If all goes well and he doesn't develop any terrible infection she acted like he could be moved to rehab sometime late next week. That is so amazing to me-I just hope all goes as she anticipates. Surgery is scheduled tentatively for 11:00 tomorrow-though she did say that the person scheduled before him may not be stable enough to take for surgery-if that happens he might be taken in earlier. I will update you tomorrow as soon as I can. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thank you very much for the updates. I read them every night and am comforted knowing Jeramie is doing so well.

Kimberly Waugh
Good luck today with the surgery! I'm so happy to hear...well read so much good news!
I keep my fingers crossed and send you all my prayers.
Good luck!
Good Luck Jeremy with surgery today!!! I know you'll be just fine..I keep in my prayers as usual..

I love you

Ana Maria
Hey big guy!
I will be praying for you. Keep strong! Hang in there! You are doing awesome! Miss ya!

Your friend,
Keep getting better Jeremy! I'm thinking about you everyday and hope that it won't be long before you feel like having some visitors. We can debate the merits of the Star Trek movies vs. the inferior Star Wars motion pictures when you're ready :)

I've been trying to think of something nice to do for you, and in that spirit have been hard at work on a drawing of Luke's climactic battle with Darth Vader that you could hang on your wall. Unfortunately, its not turning out the way I'd hoped as I have only a sheet of college-ruled notebook paper and one crayon (a white one). Plus I can only draw stick-figures as it turns out, and even then Luke keeps ending up with what look to be salad forks for hands and Vader's lightsabre is now a...well, I can't tell. A Louisville Slugger maybe? Did he ever hit Luke with a bat? It's been so long since I've seen it. Maybe I'll just stick with notes for right now. Anywho, hang in there buddy and keep improving. I can see from all the comments on this site that you've got all the human and feline support you could ever want ready and waiting to help.
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