Wednesday, December 28, 2005


December 28th

Well, it's hard to believe that it has already been a week. Jeremy is slowly adjusting to being at home. It takes a lot more work than we had actually imagined. It is frustrating at times for Jeremy when he tries to move around from one place to another but he grins and bears it-despite the pain and the frustration.

We had a quiet Christmas with family and the neighbors. We were just so pleased that Jeremy was home and with us because there were so many times that this seemed as if it would be impossible. His left leg is bothering him a lot and makes him uncomfortable. We were all concerned about the amount of pain that he was having and the fact that his skin did not seem to be healing on that leg-in fact, even the good skin was looking raw and sore. Jeremy had a doctor appointment on Tuesday and discovered that this was because he wasn't doing the dressing on that leg correctly-which is not his fault because that was how he was taught to do it at rehab. The ointment that he was putting all over his leg was only supposed to be applied to the wounded areas. Apparently this ointment when applied to good skin can cause it to break down-which is what was happening. Hopefully this has been resolved now and he will be on the mend soon.

He was told that despite the pain he must do his exercises to get his legs in shape for prosthetics. They told him that he would get over the pain but he would not gain the precious time back-every day is essential to Jeremy walking again. So, no more lounging for him! I'm just kidding-he's actually working much harder than I have ever seen anybody work-the transfers from the wheelchair to the couch alone would probably do me in for the day. Outpatient therapy begins tomorrow.

Overall, Jeremy is doing well. He has managed to pick up a nasty cold somewhere which isn't helping anything. He asked me to remind you that even though he is no longer in the hospital his defenses are still down and he is susceptible to everything. If you have a cold please pick a different time to visit with him or give him a call instead. As always, he appreciates all of your love and support-it makes him feel good to know that there are so many people that care about him. You give him strength.

Hey Sarah,( jeremy's sis)
Just want to let you know, it was great to see you and hear about your brother, I admire all you have done for him and your family,you all are truly amazing how you are handling this. Take care and keep us posted someday we will be hearing from the man himself. Lots of love to you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers daily. take care. Love, Bonnie

It is great to hear about the progress Jeremy has made and for him to be back at home. Please relay to Jeremy that I will be getting in contact with him. Unfornately, since I am not in the city, I will not be able to see him soon, but send him and the family my prayers.
Love, Ashley Smith
Keep up the hard work Jeremy...Here's to a New Year full of hope, joy and happiness.

Jeremy and family,

I talked to your mother a few days ago. I thought I had a cold a few weeks ago, but it was only allergies. Now, I have a real cold. On both ocassions, I stayed away so that I would not give it to you. It seems as if you got one anyway. This time of the year it is almost impossible. I echo your sister's comments that all of us not to visit you (even though it may be with the best intentions) if there is any chance of carrying germs to you!!!!
I will call you soon. I continue to admire your strength and will. I know that you will reach your goals soon. Everytime I see any amputee survivor, I think of you. I always see the short story too late to save it for you. Most are stories of strength and overcoming the problems. One day, I expect to see you giving courage and offering hope to others. I am proud of you!!
Love, Ron
Happy New Year.I know you have been through alot but this year is your year. You have come so far and I know you have further to go, but you have already proved you can do anything you put your mind to do. You have alot of people on your side some you know and others like me that know you through your big sister. You are always in my prayers and will stay in them for a long time to come. Can not wait to see you when you are ready.

Have been wanting to come by for a visit but everyone seems to have a cold and it's been over a month now of non stop coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc. Hopeing all the sick people are staying home abit longer and hoping to get down to visit this month.

I am glad that everything is going well and that the road to recovery is looking good. We'll go jogging when you are ready but I have a feeling I'll just get beat.
With a New Year comes new strength.
The family and I have been down with colds and the flu but I'm hoping to come down in the next few weeks after checking with your Ma and Pa. Then I'll try to make it a regular 'guys' thing.
I'll be calling soon. Keep the faith.
Rob Elkins
Jeremy and family;

The Clarke family was all together for Christmas and I shared your good news about being home again. We send good wishes for a healthy and hearty New Year!!!!!!! 2005 did end on a high with your recovery and move out of both the hospital and rehab center. Gods blessings to you and your family. Love, Jane Clarke
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