Tuesday, December 06, 2005


December 6th

Jeremy was in good spirits again today when I saw him. The wires were taken off his teeth but he does have very strong rubberbands on them which aren't allowing for as much mobility as we'd like. Jeremy reported that they would be removing two rubberbands every couple of days-I have no idea how many are there-I just want him to be able to enjoy some cookies by Christmas. The nurse tonight asked him what he would eat first when his mouth wasn't kept shut-he told her a cheeseburger and a piece of pizza-he didn't even have to think about it.

Other good news-he will probably be going to rehab on Thursday-we will keep you posted on these developments as we know more. At this point we don't really know when visiting hours are, how many people can visit, what the restrictions will be as far as gowning and wearing gloves, etc...I will certainly keep you updated as we find out. If you are planning a visit to Jeremy in the next few days I would caution you to get in touch with one of us or call the burn unit at Wishard to see if he is still there before making the trip. I think that he is nervous about this next step-and a bit unsure of this "quick" time frame-isn't it interesting how he sees this as a quick turn around from the burn unit? To us it feels like it's been forever-it's probably awful to wake up and find that you've missed 6 weeks of your life. I am so pleased that he's heading to rehab and am anxious to get him stronger physically so that he can come home. For him the hardest work yet is headed his way-he will still need your support-and I know you'll be giving it. As always, thanks so much!

Jeremy...when you get the bands off, i will make you the cheeseburger and pizza..

David Kay
That is great news! I am so glad that you are getting better with each passing day! Stay strong, my friend, and I will visit you when visitors are allowed in Rehab. I am very proud of you! Can't wait to see you!

Hey, maybe we can find a Fuddrucker's ro someplace that makes those HUGE cheesburgers, then we can go and find the greasiest pizza around. Oh, for a Godfathers...Hang in there buddy. The next step will be hard, but I know you will be able to handle it!
Hey Jeremy,

I know how scary the transition from the hospital to rehab can be. I've been there myself after a car accident.

They'll actually expect you to do work!!! :)

It will feel like such an accomplishment when you can do the most basic of tasks that you had never thought of before. (Rolling over was a big one for me!)
I'm so pleased for you that you have those wires off! I hope you'll soon be able to eat all the hamburgers and pizza your heart desires. I wish for you all the strength you'll need for your rehab. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way for that, and I'm sure you'll do great. Keep up the wonderful progress!

Best wishes,
Erin (Nobles) Longwell

It was so good to be able to speak to you today even if it was jst a fleeting talk. As soon as those bands come off I think you will have a line of people waiting to feed you pizza and cheeseburgers until you can eat no more. It was so good to hear your voice today I was almost in tears, sounds silly but the most simple things I am so greatful about in your recovery.

Love you man

I am extremely happy (I could not spell extatic) that you are making great progress!!! I am thinking of you every day and wishing for you continue making progress. I think the next plateau, re-habilitation, will be harder. I know you will approach it with vigor and positiveness. You will do much better than I would!! I wish you the best and am glad that Kellie did not visit and give you her pregnancy (is it catching?). I hope lots of your friends can visit in person with you and your family soon. Re-hab will be a step in the road to recovery. I am sure that hamburgers and pizza will come soon.
Knew this day would come for you.Just Keep up the hard work and you can do anything you want to do. It will be a long road but you will be okay. You and your family are always in my prayers.

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