Wednesday, December 07, 2005


December 7th

Well, there is every indication that this will be Jeremy's last evening at Wishard. Today his trach was removed and he is totally off of IV fluids. Physical therapists were in again today and seem to be intensifying Jeremy's therapy even at Wishard-working hard to build up his strength. He was in good spirits today-but still seems a bit apprehensive about his move. We have no idea what time Jeremy will be moving tomorrow-and realize that up until the minute he is moved it is not set in stone. We also have no details to give you about the new facility. I will be posting his new address as well as the "rules and regulations" as soon as I know them. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he sets forth on this next chapter of his life.

This is wonderful news that we have been looking and listening to hear! Jeremy's name was offered up in prayers at the Taise service of prayers this evening at our church, as was done five weeks ago at our last such service. Jeremy has been on our church's prayer list since the very beginning. Several of our members have been following the updates and consider this sojourn to be a powerful testimony to the power of prayer. We would like to add that we are witnessing a marvelous example of brotherly / sisterly love. Keep up the good fight! You are winning!! We will continue prayers for you all.

Our love to all,

Lilla and Harry

I am so glad that you are doing well! I can't wait to come in and see you, it seems like I have been sick forever and I don't want to give you whatever it is that I have. All though, I may have to sneak a couple of cheeseburgers to you.....they may be a little squished because I am thinking that I will have to hide them in my pocket...don't mind the least it's greasy! Once you are settled in at the new place, I will be in to see you, I miss you so much and think of you constantly....Oh! Teal says hello and she wants to know when you feel up to it, how bout a few more Jello shots and ready whip? Anyhow, I miss you like crazy and I will see you in a few days!!!!

Love ya loads!!!

Hi Jeremy,
I think of you all the time! espically now "This Christmas Season". I know you will be glad to go home. Hang in there and just keep on getting better. I will come see you soon . I have been sick so no visits from me. Love you Tammy
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