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December 8th

Just a quick update tonight. Jeremy did not end up moving to rehab today-but he IS going in the morning. He stayed because he wanted to talk with the main doctor on his case (the burn doctor) and that didn't happen until later in the day. Just briefly-the doctor answered Jeremy's questions and explained why the decision was made to amputate his legs-which is information that Jeremy needed to hear straight from the doctor. Jeremy was also told that his recovery to date has been amazing and that there were several times in the last few weeks that they did not think that he would survive. He has officially been pronounced healthy enough to go to rehab. Praise the Lord! I will be back tomorrow to provide more details. I did not see him today due to the weather but Mom and Dad report that he was having a good day. Let's hope for a lot more of those. :)

I am so very proud of you. You are definitely one amazing person. You have beaten so many odds, keep up the awesome work! I know rehab will be very difficult at first. Just remember you have a very wonderful and loving support system on your side. We are all here for you. Take care, friend. We had the biggest snow fall so far this season. It is wonderful to see the beautiful white snow! Enjoy it! I will hopefully, get to see you soon.


It's snowing!!!! I'm so happy for you and your recovery!!I think you have the best Family you could have ever asked for. All of them Sara, Mom and Dad are amazing people that I had the honor to meet and they love you so much..
As usual we are praying for you ..

Manny and Ana Maria
I never anticipated anything less.

Love and prayers...
Hey Jeremy,
I glad to hear that your well enough to move to rehab, thats great news.
Your an amazing guy so keep being strong.
I hope I get to come see you soon.
Take care,
Love Annie x x
Oh and my mom wanted to let you know that they have also been thinking about you and praying for you.

Love Annie
Jeremy and family,
This comment actually goes along with the posting from yesterday regarding the 800 people who have viewed this site. I read this site everyday and have not only not met Jeremy but have actually not met any of you. My parents are neighbors with Patty and Robb and I heard about the accident through them. I have been so touched by Jeremy and his story and I hope someday I will have the chance to meet him and all of you as well. I can't express to you how much this has inspired me to live every day fully and be thankful for every moment I have. I wish Jeremy a speedy recovery and look forward to continuing being a part of it through this site.
Apparently it's joke day. Jeremy, I hope your move to rehab goes really well today. I can't wait to see you in like two weeks or something crazy like that. Here is your joke:

A physician, an engineer, and an attorney were discussing who among them belonged to the oldest of the three professions represented. The physician said, "Remember, on the sixth day God took a rib from Adam and fashioned Eve, making him the first surgeon. Therefore, medicine is the oldest profession."

The engineer replied, "But, before that, God created the heavens and earth from chaos and confusion, and thus he was the first engineer. Therefore, engineering is an older profession than medicine."

Then, the lawyer spoke up. "Yes," he said, "But who do you think created all of the chaos and confusion?"
Dear Jeremy,
Everyone on this side of the family is keeping current with your progress through the UPDATES each day. Prayers are coming from everywhere for you - our book study groups, co-workers, churches, friends and friends of friends. You didn't have any choice - you HAD to amaze us all, and you have. You have been asleep when I've been to see you but soon (after my cold is gone) We will come to visit. Keep up the good work!

Cousin Karen, Glenn, A. Jeanne & U. Vic, Kelly/John, Tom/MB, Sarah/Scott and all the little kiddies
I check in here all the time, just to see what's new and what the prayer need is for the day. I never left a comment, I guess, because I didn't have all that much to say.

There is a spot on the internet,, and you can register with them (free) and they can tell you who has logged onto your blog and how long they were there. Maybe they can tell you other useful tidbits, too. I have a friend with a blog who loves it. Although she finds it creepy to find out stangers have been to her site repeatedly. In Jeremy's case though, strangers visiting the site should bring joy.

I'm sooo happy for you!! I knew you could go thru these bad moments. Now, it's time for the rehab and time, once again to show everybody that you can do it!
It will be tough but you are a strong guy so no worries about that.
Miss you.
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