Sunday, December 04, 2005


Today was a little rough

Overall Jeremy did OK today-it just seems that his lunch got to him a bit which caused him to vomit-as you can imagine with your teeth wired shut this was difficult and very scary. Anyway-the nurses were worried that he might have aspirated something into his lungs-so then Jeremy was treated to the added pleasure of a lung x-ray and a stomach x-ray. The respiratory therapist had to get a sample of fluid from his lungs to be looked at as well. He was also given a dose of a strong medicine to ease his nausea. All yucky-but especially if you're sick at your stomach. Luckily, everything was clear. He was then able to be switched to a smaller trach which should be more comfortable and make speaking easier. I haven't seen him in days due to Madeline being sick so I am very much hoping to get to the hospital tomorrow and will report more then.

Please let Jeremy know that I am praying for him daily and we in HTM are thinking about him and wishing him the best in his recovery. I got the blog info from Linda Poole, GM at the Hilton Garden Inn in Carmel. I'll pass the blog on to the others in HTM as well.

Mary Beth Brubaker, Academic Advisor HTM, Purdue
We have been reading the updates since I got back - Thanks for your efforts/time in this activity. Let Jeremy know I am sorry he was not more awake when I was there so I could talk to him.

Kenyon and Paula

I am praying for you and wishing you well. It sounds like you have a positive approach to the healing process you must go through. Keep up the great effort. We in HTM are all pulling for you.

Mid April brought bad news for me as I was diagnosed with throat cancer and it was very advanced. My summer was loaded with radiation and chemo treatments. As a result, I had two months of no swallowing/ intake by mouth. So I know how good that first taste of Coke was for you. I am now back at work and recovering well. I am still dependent on a feeding tube for most of my nutritional intake, but am able to drink liquids and eat soft foods.

Keep your spirits up. We were all glad to get the update on your condition.


Ray Kavanaugh
Jeremy, you are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. At some point it would be nice to pay you a visit and bring some HTM well-wishing your way :)
Jeremy, you are in my thoughts and prayers to have a speedy recovery. At some point it will be great to pay you a visit and bring along some HTM well-wishing and encouragement.
Mick La Lopa
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