Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Hope you're all sitting down!

Well, at long last I've finished reading all the wonderful things you've all had to say while I was either napping or standing in as a pin cushion for many nurses and doctor's. Yes, it's me typing this one! Sarah and Colleen have done a wonderful job (for which I am truly thankful), but now it's time for them to get some rest (if a mother can truly get any rest). The point is they shouldn't have to worry about keeping everyone updated anymore. I'm alive and I'm recovering; I'll continue to update the blog on a weekly basis as my sister has done so vigilantly.

I want to thank you all for the love, prayers, and support that you have given me throughout this ordeal. If not for you, I truly believe that I wouldn't have made the recovery that I have to date. Unfortunately the road is long and, though I feel stronger everyday, there will continue to be set backs and I will need you now more than ever. Please understand that my focus is completely on recovery at this point. Do not take it personal if I haven't returned a message or have not contacted you yet. As I become more independent and adjust to my new way of life I will also rejoin society bit by bit. Right now I'm more focused on healing, both physical and emotional, which tends to be fairly internal for me. I will reach out to each of you (those that I know how to reach) in time.

So, that said, here's the update for the week! Our prayers for my right leg to finish healing were answered! Unfortunately the doctors didn't agree with the therapists and felt that the grafts on my right leg need a couple more months to toughen up before we put a prosthetic on them. So, now our focus turns toward the left leg, which has more abrasions that need to heal, but also has more of my original skin intact. The doctors feel that we will be ready to measure for a temporary prosthetic on the left leg at the end of February! I don't really mind the set back on the legs because I know the doctors have my best interests at heart. It will also give my right wrist more time to heal as it has been determined that yet another surgery will be necessary.

I have been experiencing a sort of numbness in my thumb, index, and middle finger on my right hand. The hope was that this would improve in time but it has not. Also, the muscle at the base of my thumb has begun to atrophy which, if left unchecked, could lead to the loss of the use of my thumb. The doctors pointed out to me that the thumb is what makes us human. (I knew this already but lets allow them to have their moment in the sun.) So, as I do not want to become sub-human I will be going back under the knife either next week or the week after.

The surgery will be a 30 minute outpatient surgery with a local anesthetic. Not so tough compared to the others. What they are doing is called a carpal (sp?) tunnel release. This surgery will also allow me to have an easier time adjusting to crutches and canes and other equipment that I will have to use to be mobile. The bad news is that I will not be able to put full weight on my right wrist for 2 - 6 weeks! This will slow down my return to my own house but it should not affect the timing on the legs. I'm not to upset about that either because Mom, and many of you, are keeping me well fed!

That's the update for now. Thanks again for all of your comments, prayers, and support. Also, thanks for reading this book. I had no idea that I would be able to type this much the first time. The rest won't be as long, I promise. Have a great week!

Love to all,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


January 18th

Jeremy continues to grow stronger each day. He is learning how to do more things independently. We have all noticed that while something may be difficult the first time, he is able to learn from that and very quickly improves. It is so good to see him persevere-he is bound and determined to do things for himself. I'm not sure that I would handle it with as much grace.

Jeremy is facing a potential setback in being fitted for his first prosthetic leg. He still has some wounds on his right leg that are just refusing to heal-if they are not healed by next Tuesday they will have to push back his fitting-perhaps as much as a month. We are praying for these wounds to heal by then as he is, of course, very anxious to move on to this next step.

This past weekend friends and family gathered at Jeremy's house to build ramps-and boy was it cold. Again, we are so grateful to all of you who braved the weather and helped with this. Now there are just a few more things to finish at Jeremy's house before he can move home. He did get to spend some time there on Saturday-and his cat, Cleo, got to come home. Finally he got to see her and to hold her-I don't know if you recall but that was one of the things that he most wanted to do right after he awakened in the burn unit.

Jeremy has just about finished reading the blog. He is planning to post a message himself sometime soon so you might want to keep checking. Until that time I will keep you updated on Wednesdays. Once he starts posting to the blog I will not post as frequently-it is about him after all- and I see this as yet another step in his recovery and return to "normal" life. I hope he will find it as therapeutic as I have at times and that he will be just as inspired by your comments. "Talk" with you again soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


January 11th

There isn't much new to report this week-boy is that nice to say! Jeremy continues to improve each day. The burn doctor is pleased with the way his skin is healing and said that he doesn't need to come see him again until March. The therapists are also happy with the way his legs are healing. He is still on the time frame of being fitted for at least one prosthesis by the end of the month.

Last weekend many of Jeremy's friends and friends of the family gathered to put ramps in at Mom and Dad's. This weekend the plan is to work at Jeremy's house. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this project. It is so much easier and less painful for Jeremy to get out into the backyard and to the car. What would we do without our friends?

I continue to fill Jeremy in on all the comments that you leave for him-he is just starting to read the blog from the very beginning. As you can imagine it is emotionally draining for him so he's working his way through slowly. I would like to emphasize how much your comments mean to him-and how much they have meant to the rest of us throughout this ordeal-I check every day in order to keep Jeremy and my parents updated. What a great support network. Thanks so much-I'll check in with you again next week.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Happy New Year!

Well, here we are in a brand new year-and boy, were we ever ready to see 2005 end. Jeremy truly had a life changing year-now he will have a tough year of recovery and learning-but he's up to the challenge. We saw the new year come in as a family-with a few special friends mixed in to add to the festivities. Even Madeline stayed up. Welcome 2006!

Jeremy reports that there was good news in therapy today. The wounds on his left leg are almost healed-what a long way that has come in a week. Also, the therapists have told him that they expect to be fitting his right leg for a prosthesis by the end of the month. As I understand it, this will be a temporary prosthesis-one to begin learning on and to begin the fitting process-there will be adjustments made as necessary to come up with just the perfect fit for his permanent prosthesis. His left leg is not too far behind. It is unbelievable to me that just a few weeks ago we still felt as if his life was in jeopardy-now he will be learning to walk again. Talk about miracles...

Subtle reminders are around everyday to keep us aware of how lucky we are that Jeremy is still with us-he has defied the odds. Our hearts go out to those of you who have lost someone special. Our prayers are with you as yours have been with us.

I'll be updating again next Wednesday and I continue to read your comments each day and report them to Jeremy. Hopefully soon the man himself will be adding his own comments.

Wishes to all for a safe and peaceful 2006!

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