Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Hope you're all sitting down!

Well, at long last I've finished reading all the wonderful things you've all had to say while I was either napping or standing in as a pin cushion for many nurses and doctor's. Yes, it's me typing this one! Sarah and Colleen have done a wonderful job (for which I am truly thankful), but now it's time for them to get some rest (if a mother can truly get any rest). The point is they shouldn't have to worry about keeping everyone updated anymore. I'm alive and I'm recovering; I'll continue to update the blog on a weekly basis as my sister has done so vigilantly.

I want to thank you all for the love, prayers, and support that you have given me throughout this ordeal. If not for you, I truly believe that I wouldn't have made the recovery that I have to date. Unfortunately the road is long and, though I feel stronger everyday, there will continue to be set backs and I will need you now more than ever. Please understand that my focus is completely on recovery at this point. Do not take it personal if I haven't returned a message or have not contacted you yet. As I become more independent and adjust to my new way of life I will also rejoin society bit by bit. Right now I'm more focused on healing, both physical and emotional, which tends to be fairly internal for me. I will reach out to each of you (those that I know how to reach) in time.

So, that said, here's the update for the week! Our prayers for my right leg to finish healing were answered! Unfortunately the doctors didn't agree with the therapists and felt that the grafts on my right leg need a couple more months to toughen up before we put a prosthetic on them. So, now our focus turns toward the left leg, which has more abrasions that need to heal, but also has more of my original skin intact. The doctors feel that we will be ready to measure for a temporary prosthetic on the left leg at the end of February! I don't really mind the set back on the legs because I know the doctors have my best interests at heart. It will also give my right wrist more time to heal as it has been determined that yet another surgery will be necessary.

I have been experiencing a sort of numbness in my thumb, index, and middle finger on my right hand. The hope was that this would improve in time but it has not. Also, the muscle at the base of my thumb has begun to atrophy which, if left unchecked, could lead to the loss of the use of my thumb. The doctors pointed out to me that the thumb is what makes us human. (I knew this already but lets allow them to have their moment in the sun.) So, as I do not want to become sub-human I will be going back under the knife either next week or the week after.

The surgery will be a 30 minute outpatient surgery with a local anesthetic. Not so tough compared to the others. What they are doing is called a carpal (sp?) tunnel release. This surgery will also allow me to have an easier time adjusting to crutches and canes and other equipment that I will have to use to be mobile. The bad news is that I will not be able to put full weight on my right wrist for 2 - 6 weeks! This will slow down my return to my own house but it should not affect the timing on the legs. I'm not to upset about that either because Mom, and many of you, are keeping me well fed!

That's the update for now. Thanks again for all of your comments, prayers, and support. Also, thanks for reading this book. I had no idea that I would be able to type this much the first time. The rest won't be as long, I promise. Have a great week!

Love to all,


Great faith, perserverance, a sense of humor, AND thumbs. What a great human being!

Bill and Pam Moore
Keep up the good work and the positive attitude. In time my friend, in time everything has a purpose. God has a plan for you....keep the faith!!!
Love to you,
Marsha Shoemaker
It's fantastic to read your words, Jeremy -- I can just "hear" you in your writing.

Thanks for your update and we will especially be praying for the continuing healing of your legs and a successful hand surgery.

Much love,


As Colleen said, it is so great to "hear" from you. It is such a blessing.

It was so nice to spend some time with you and Michael at Christmas.

How wonderful to get an update in your own words! Sounds like you are working hard in your recovery and staying positive. I'm really so impressed with how far you've come. I hope all goes well with your hand surgery, and that your legs will continue to get better. Keep up the good work!

All my best,
Erin Longwell
Hola, Jeremy. Welcome back to the electronic airways. It was a treat to talk to you post-popcorn and just as special to read your words here. I'm heartened to hear of your progress and impressed as all getout by your grit. My kinda guy! I'll be by in the next week. What toppings do you like on your pizza?

Love, Katie
You blogging fool! I was so excited to see that it was you updating. I'm sorry I have yet to return your message. I'll call soon, I promise.
Hugs and kisses!

This is a great day we have been looking for for some time now. It is great to "hear" ( or "see" ) you talking. Since we have never correspnded, I have never witnessed your writing style "til now.... it's great! (That's not to say that Sarah's was not also.) We shall continue to follow your progress and send up prayers for your continueing recovery.

your other Virginia cousin,


Its great to hear from you. You are an inspiration to my family. We have all stood by in awe as you attack each new challenge with more courage and tenacity then we could ever imagine from ourselves. We look forward to more good news every week!

Jeff and Amber Witherbee

Fantastic to "hear" how you are doing straight from the horse's, fingers. You get the point. Reading this week's update has truly been the high point of my week! Keep up the great attitude and positive thinking.

-Ashley Oaks

I just finished reading this latest entry(of course, I was expecting Sarah's update:)). My heart literally jumped for joy when I realized you were the one writing! Keep up the good work. Thank you for writing, I am so glad to be able to call you my friend. I am so proud of you! Keep up the positive attitude. Always remember to laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Hi Amigo,

Nice to have you back in the eWorld. I miss you heaps.

Kelly Nelson
What a blessing to see your own words. :) Thank you for the update - we know how to pray better for you. The kids and Glenn and I pray for you daily - as do many people from our church. Although, I don't think many of them have posted - I do know they have kept up with Sarah's updates and you are prayed for each Lord's Day from the pulpit.
We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kelly for the Orr's
Check you out all blogging and whatnot!
That's awesome. You know I check this regularly, and have quite a few of my friends praying for you even though they have never met you.
These are the times when you find out your true friends.
Cherish it!
'Cause frankly when the drama is over I am moving on...
Hahaha, just kidding :) Keep your chin up and those thumbs well rested.

I laughed out loud when I read this. Soo wonderful to hear your voice. I am smiling just knowing that your recovery is going so well. We are all soo very lucky that you are here. There truly must have been an angel on your shoulder. Anytime you want to talk, Tucker and I are easy to find. Say the word. Ali
Hi Jeremy,

So many times I have read your updates, but was most pleased today to see it was you! It's great to hear how well your recovery is going! All your Marriott/WLS friends miss you!!!

You are in my prayers everyday!
Keri Bruckman
Hi Jeremy-

It is so wonderful to read your words and to know that you are doing well. I cannot wait to read your next blog, even if it longer than this one :) Keep up the healing.

Kimberly Waugh Van Gessel
Hey Jeremy

Its great to hear that you made it through all your messages, I can imagine it would take a while.

Good to hear that you're contnuing to heal well.

I know we've all appreciated the updates and us that are out of town will continue to. :)

Keep positive and keep up the hard work.
Take care, love Annie x
Everyone....I introduce to you a living wonder!
Hot damn, the boy is back!
Rob Elkins

This is great news!!!! You made my week with your comments. Jennie and I are so happy for you and amazed by your progress. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care of that hand and good luck next week in surgery.
Jennie and Jim

So great to see this week's post from YOU! Your recovery has been so amazing ... what a blessing! I know we are not real close, so I am leaving the "in person" time to those nearer to you. You are in my prayers daily, and I smile each time I read of continued progress.

Fran Kandrac
We were all glad to see you when you visited work! I'm impressed
(not suprised though *smile*) with your rapid recovery. Keep the faith, I know you'll be back with us soon.

Hi Jeremy,

How wonderful to hear from you! This is certainly encouraging to all of us that live so far away and have not been able to visit with you personally. Thank you to Sarah for being so faithful in keeping us updated on your recovery and now to you for writing to us. We will be anxious to hear from you again, as you keep us posted.

May the Lord continue to strengthen and restore you daily. All of the Warriners remain in our prayers.

Reg and Mary Jo Knarzer

You"re quite the writer!!...just like Sarah! :-)

We really enjoyed Wednesday's so good to see you with your mom and dad, Sarah and Madeline....back at home....right where you belong! :-)

We are so thankful for the continuing answers to the MANY prayers offered up for all of you. You are surrounded by devoted friends and family.

We love you.

Merrilinda & Skeets
Jeremy, It was so good to see you the other night! I have told everyone how incredible you are. You inspire me!
Linda Poore

When can I come see you again!

Any ideas about something that I can do for your mom and dad? They are the best!
Hey Jeremy:

While I haven't been in Greencastle for a while, I have been tracking your progress thru the staff at the Walden Inn. You have been in my thoughts and prayers and I am happy that things are so positive!
Miss you lots and praying for you often...

the old Catering Manager (aka Slave ) of the Walden Inn
Kristell Boyd

You won't know me, but your dad will. I've been following your progress for some time, and it is really exciting to see you are taking over the incredible job Sarah has been doing keeping all your family's friends updated. I've had for some time some information which may interest you in the future. Next time I'm in Indy I'll get it to you.

I pass a billboard almost every day for a Christian college program here in Cincinnati. The picture is of a young man; and the bottom line is "Just ask Jeremy." I am always reminded of a conversation with your dad in the hospital when he said, "Jeremy is always saving someone.

Keep up the good work.

David Greenburg
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