Wednesday, January 11, 2006


January 11th

There isn't much new to report this week-boy is that nice to say! Jeremy continues to improve each day. The burn doctor is pleased with the way his skin is healing and said that he doesn't need to come see him again until March. The therapists are also happy with the way his legs are healing. He is still on the time frame of being fitted for at least one prosthesis by the end of the month.

Last weekend many of Jeremy's friends and friends of the family gathered to put ramps in at Mom and Dad's. This weekend the plan is to work at Jeremy's house. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this project. It is so much easier and less painful for Jeremy to get out into the backyard and to the car. What would we do without our friends?

I continue to fill Jeremy in on all the comments that you leave for him-he is just starting to read the blog from the very beginning. As you can imagine it is emotionally draining for him so he's working his way through slowly. I would like to emphasize how much your comments mean to him-and how much they have meant to the rest of us throughout this ordeal-I check every day in order to keep Jeremy and my parents updated. What a great support network. Thanks so much-I'll check in with you again next week.

Keep up the good work Jeremy. It is refreshing to know that you are still the fighter that I know and love. You have touched so many lives in your remarkable recovery. I share your story with others in hope that they may see that there is hope. I trust I will see you soon.
Your friend in Christ our true saviour,
Marsha Shoemaker
I'm so glad to hear of your steady progress. My thoughts and good wishes are still with you often. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,
Erin (Nobles) Longwell
Your progress...your strength-- are just incredibly inspirational.
Jesus has and will walk each step with you.

Our 3 little wild Indians (boys) ask about you regularly...and we all look so forward to when we can see you in person.
Hopefully we can all gather at Karen's (Sullivan ) for a true celebration dinner.

In Christ,
The Stergars
Hi Germ -

I'm so proud of you, and am blessed to call you my friend.

Can't wait to see you again when I'm back in IN in May.

Kelly Nelson
Jeremy - It's Carl Braunlich from Purdue. Glad to hear you are home and making headway. Would like to get together with you this spring. I have someone I would like you to meet . . . Best Regards from Prof
Hey Jeremy,
Its great to hear that you are still doing so well, and that you are still amazing everyone with your progress.

Keep being strong.

Love Annie
I did not know about helping your parents' home last weekend. I would have been there to lend my limited construction skills to the project. Please let me know about the next project. Unless my daughter comes to see me this weekend, I will be available to assist you getting into your home. Even if she does come over from St Louis, I will make some time. Your safety and security and ease of entry is extremely important. Let me know when.
Your progress amazes me!! I am proud of you!! Your family and friends have helped you, but you are, indeed, the man!! When you told me you planned to be back to work by March or April and the doctors said June-August, I had my doubts. I do not doubt your will any longer. I am impressed!!
Good luck and keep improving!!
Love, Ron
Hi Jeremy,
It is wonderful to hear of your continued progress. You are amazing. I thank the Lord for giving you the strength and perseverance you need at this time of your life. I wish we lived closer so that we could lend a helping hand, but our parayers continue daily for you. I know your family and friends are a blessing to you, but Jeremy, you bless them daily with your life. I look forward to reading the next update Sarah sends out. I thank her for being so faithful in doing this for all of us.

God bless you and strengthen you each day.
Reg and Mary Jo
Thanks for calling me this week. It was great to hear your voice and know how far you have come.
Your future is as bright as it ever was...
Love Always,
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