Wednesday, January 18, 2006


January 18th

Jeremy continues to grow stronger each day. He is learning how to do more things independently. We have all noticed that while something may be difficult the first time, he is able to learn from that and very quickly improves. It is so good to see him persevere-he is bound and determined to do things for himself. I'm not sure that I would handle it with as much grace.

Jeremy is facing a potential setback in being fitted for his first prosthetic leg. He still has some wounds on his right leg that are just refusing to heal-if they are not healed by next Tuesday they will have to push back his fitting-perhaps as much as a month. We are praying for these wounds to heal by then as he is, of course, very anxious to move on to this next step.

This past weekend friends and family gathered at Jeremy's house to build ramps-and boy was it cold. Again, we are so grateful to all of you who braved the weather and helped with this. Now there are just a few more things to finish at Jeremy's house before he can move home. He did get to spend some time there on Saturday-and his cat, Cleo, got to come home. Finally he got to see her and to hold her-I don't know if you recall but that was one of the things that he most wanted to do right after he awakened in the burn unit.

Jeremy has just about finished reading the blog. He is planning to post a message himself sometime soon so you might want to keep checking. Until that time I will keep you updated on Wednesdays. Once he starts posting to the blog I will not post as frequently-it is about him after all- and I see this as yet another step in his recovery and return to "normal" life. I hope he will find it as therapeutic as I have at times and that he will be just as inspired by your comments. "Talk" with you again soon.


The news continues to impress us with your determination and strength of character. Lilla and I agree that a little time with a loving cat does wonders. Let Cleo work her magic! Keep up the good fight and we will continue prayers.
With love from your Virginia cousins,
Lilla and Harry
You don't know me. I attend Indian Creek Christan Church. I heard about your accident through an e-mail from Heather Bruce. I've prayed for you ever since I received that e-mail. My husband's uncle was in a similar situation in April 2005. He was severely electrocuted, he was in the Wishard burn unit for about 2 months, and he lost one of his legs. So, when I heard your story, I prayed for you and never stopped. When our uncle Mark was injured, all the odds were against him, but we all prayed, and God healed him. I knew that God was big enough to heal you too. I'm so glad to hear how well you are doing. I will continue to pray for you and your family. God bless you.
Hey Jeremy, im glad to here you progress continues.

Im really sorry I didnt get the chance to see u when I was in Indy, I was non-stop. Wedding stuff is coming along now, its only 5 months now.

But I will be back in Indy (for good) and will definately get to see you then.

You're an amazing guy the way you are dealing with all of this, and i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be able to keep on track with the prosthetics.

Loads of love
I hope that you continue making the progress that you and Cleo are expecting. I continue to take strength from your strength. I do not have the resolve that you have. I am amazed at what you have accomplished!! You are an inspiration!!
Give me a call again. I was in the library the last time and could not talk. I will leave you a message again, but, you may call me when you have time. I know that you have lots of therapy and exercising to do and visitors to see. I wish you all the best!!
Love, Ron
Hi Jeremy,
I'm sorry to hear that the wounds are not healed enough. I sure hope that they will be able to fit your leg soon.
It was so good to see you.
Keep getting better! You are in our prayers,
Love Jo Ann Hatfield
I miss you and would love very much to come and visit, is this at all possible?

I would love to meet your folks and maybe let you know some of the things I have been working on.

I have finished 4th season of Smallville and have pretty much been caught up with season 5

give me a call some time at home, work or cell
(work) 765-658-1003 I will give my other numbers to you via e-mail if you drop me a line as well.

I think very highly of you and (Jamie ) How is he doing?

I think this place would benefit from a Warriner smile ( I know I would) I would also like you to know that you are in my childrens prayers every night as well as a prayer in my Church ( gobin every sunday. you are also in the weekly bulletin.

When I come visit I have a little something special for you. that will make you smile a little more.

I am looking forward to growing our friendship.

Bill Robbins Director of sales and major Smallville fan
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