Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This week in the news...

Well, as I sit here on my bed, the wounds on my legs exposed to the air, I find myself amazed at how prayer really does help. The wounds are healing at a much more rapid pace than they were a week ago. I'm still concerned that they may not be completely healed by Tuesday but there is a strong chance that they will be. So, please join me in some super focused prayer to whatever deity you may believe in that the remaining abrasions on my left leg heal by Tuesday. If so I may finally be able to stand up and give my rear end some relief!

I never had much of a butt to begin with and I'm afraid that it will be flat as a pancake now. Really folks, there's nothing there so don't let me catch you looking when next we meet! Sorry, I'm not sure how that request for prayer turned into a dissertation on my rear end, or lack there of. I promise the rest will be more appropriate so read on!

They took the stitches out of my hand last Friday and the doctor said it was healing up nicely. He gave me permission to begin using my hand more and said that I could bear weight on my wrist again after this week. What this means is that, come Monday, it'll be alright. (hey, that kinda sounds like a line from a song) It will be nice to be able to move myself around the house on my own again. Mom and Dad are great stand ins for my right arm but I think Madeline is getting a little tired of me distracting them from her.

I made my first attempt at leaving town this past weekend. My friend Jason and his wife Michelle (also a friend) kidnapped me and took me to their home in Corydon to spend Saturday night and attend their daughter's baptism on Sunday. This is quite fitting as without me they would not have met and therefore owe their children's lives to me. Michelle pointed this out over
the weekend and I tried to dodge taking the credit but they would have none of it! I still maintain that their love for one another would have found a way with or without my assistance. Anyway, the trip went well and I think it was very good for me to get out into the world a little bit more. Corydon may not be a booming metropolis but it was a good start.

That's pretty much all I can think of at this point. Hopefully, I'll have some more good news for all of you next week. Oh, since this event in my life has made how small the world really is so clear; Jimmy Buffet, if you read this, I'm sorry for using a line from your song. Doris Young, if you read this, (and I know you do) please excuse all of the grammatical errors. My generation seems to have rewritten all of the rules when it comes to grammar anyway. To all, thanks again and have a great week!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


My hand still hurts...

just a little but, not enough to keep me from writing this week! The Carpal Tunnel surgery went well and I am still recovering. The stitches will be removed tomorrow and with any luck I'll also find out how much longer I must endure the indignity of relying upon my parents to move me around the house. Really, the most frustrating part for me right now is when I find myself sitting next to the toilet with nothing to keep me entertained, other than watching the water swirl around the bowl, while I wait for one of my parents to move me to another room!

The joys of the toilet bowl aside, it has been an exciting week. Over the weekend I got to meet all of the angels who saved me from the wreckage of my jeep. (have I mentioned how much I loved that jeep?) We invited each of them and their significant other to join us for dinner at my parents home. I've recently seen pictures of the jeep and I honestly cannot fathom how I survived. The people who svaved me risked life and limb to get me out. I don't believe that the entire story of the accident is covered on this blog (don't worry, I'm not going into it now) and I feel that the people who saved me should be recognized. I truly believe that I would not have survived the accident without divine intervention. That night Keryn Vickers, Mary Tessmer, Matt Demmings, Joe Tessmer, and Michael Jackson (not the singer) were the agents of that devine power. If not for them, I would not be alive today.

I also had the opportunity to speak with some of the people from my church who have offered their support and prayers to my family and I throughout this ordeal. I know that there are many people who have been with us during this time, many of whom I have not met. It's very important to me that all of you know how thankfull I am. Your prayers and support are a large part of what is helping me get through this. Through my conversations I have learned that their is one thing that I need to share with all of you. That one thing is my current mental state in regards to my injuries and how they occurred.

I have received many cards and letters that offer support for me during this "dark time" and are trying to help me deal with depression. While I do appreciate the cards and letters I think it's important for all of you to know that I'm not depressed or going through a "dark time". In fact, it's very rare that I feel angry, bitter, or depressed about what has happened. When I do have those feelings they are fleeting at best. Oh, in the very early days, when I was first waking up, I did have some pretty depressing thoughts. Then someone told me that when she heard that there were no spinal injuries or brain trauma she knew I would be okay. I realized she was right, that I would walk again, and that I would still be able to lead a "normal" life.

This past week I also had my first conversation with the father of the girl who hit me. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't irritated by the fact that she still has not been told the full extent of my injuries. However, I will not allow myself to be angry that her parents have been trying to protect their daughter. I have made her father aware that I feel that she needs to know the full extent of the changes in my life as well as several other peoples lives resulting from the accident. I have also informed her father that I wish to let her know that she is a 16 year old girl and needs to move past this and live her life. I want her to learn from this and share it with other people her age but I don't want her to be haunted with images of the night for the rest of her life.

When I left the Marriott last April I realized that I had been holding on to a lot of negative emotions as a result of the issues I dealt with while working there. Those negative emotions had only made me miserable and unsatisfied with my life. In that state I had not been able to move forward. As I began to realize this I began to let those negative emotions wash away. The questions behind those issues will always be there but the negativity no longer holds me back. It's this philosophy, strengthened by your support and prayers, that has allowed me to heal so quickly. As a very special friend recently said, I wasn't "even supposed to be out of the hospital yet". As I move forward my mind is focused on improvement and positivity not darkness or depression.

That's pretty much it for this week. I'll try to be more brief next week. Please pray for continued healing on my left leg. With any luck the remaining abrasions will be gone by the 28th and the doctors will write the order for my first prosthetic fitting on that day. Also, if you're interested in accessing earlier blog entries there are archive links on the left hand border of the page. The blog began toward the beginning of my long nap on November 6th. Thanks again and have a great week.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Very frustrated

I just finished typing a very long posting that was meant to bing you all up to date on the events of the past week. However, when I went to post it the entry was deleted. My hand is now far to tired to begin again. I will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


His hand hurts...

...and it's really swollen and he has to keep it elevated. Therefore, I am doing the blog tonight (so sorry to disappoint those of you who have tuned in to hear his words of wisdom). Actually there isn't much more to report other than what I wrote last night. He was tired and sore this morning but he did go to his outpatient therapy. I continue to believe that he is handling this entire situation with more grace and determination than I could muster. I'm thinking if I had surgery I would have at least taken today off. What a fighter!

That's about all from our camp. Jeremy did say to tell you that 15 comments were simply not acceptable after the 27 that he received the first week-he just loves attention doesn't he? Thanks again for all you are doing to support him. I'm sure that he'll be back next week (as well as checking for comments daily)-be sure to tune in for the next installment. ;)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Surgery Over

Just thought I'd let everyone know that surgery is over and went as expected-except for the fact that it was supposed to be at 1:30 and they didn't take him until about 4:30. Of course, we're used to that by now. As I understand Jeremy can't get it wet for three days and then goes back to get stitches out next Friday. He can't bear weight on it at all until then and at that point he can help a little with transfers....should be interesting around the ol' Warriner household. One of us will post more tomorrow-for some reason I think it will be me. Talk to you then. :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Surgery next Tuesday

Hope everyone has had a great week! Mine has been good. I've been able to spend some time at my own house visiting with Cleo. She is doing well and we are gradually approaching the day when I can return for good. The Carpal Tunnel surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. Hopefully the work on my house will be completed by the time my wrist heals. Once I can put weight on it I plan to go home for good!

Now, there is something I feel I need to clear up. Several of the people who I have visited with have made the comment "they did an amazing job on your face!" For the record, THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO MY FACE!!! I've always been this cute and, even while unconscious, I'll never let any plastic surgeon mess up the original product. The plastic surgeons wanted to peel my face off and put in several plates. I was too sick for them to do the surgery and, apparently, I had other plans because all the facial trauma healed before I got better.

It's a very good thing that they didn't get to do the surgery on my face because Sarah keeps insisting that they were going to make me look like her. While she is beautiful we certainly don't want the world to get confused about who is who.

Therapy continues to go well and hopefully the upcoming surgery will be the last. I'll update you all next week as to the results. Since the surgery is happening on Tuesday please do not get upset if the update doesn't happen until Thursday. I'm just not sure how well I'll feel on Wed. Thanks again for all of your support!

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