Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Surgery next Tuesday

Hope everyone has had a great week! Mine has been good. I've been able to spend some time at my own house visiting with Cleo. She is doing well and we are gradually approaching the day when I can return for good. The Carpal Tunnel surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. Hopefully the work on my house will be completed by the time my wrist heals. Once I can put weight on it I plan to go home for good!

Now, there is something I feel I need to clear up. Several of the people who I have visited with have made the comment "they did an amazing job on your face!" For the record, THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO MY FACE!!! I've always been this cute and, even while unconscious, I'll never let any plastic surgeon mess up the original product. The plastic surgeons wanted to peel my face off and put in several plates. I was too sick for them to do the surgery and, apparently, I had other plans because all the facial trauma healed before I got better.

It's a very good thing that they didn't get to do the surgery on my face because Sarah keeps insisting that they were going to make me look like her. While she is beautiful we certainly don't want the world to get confused about who is who.

Therapy continues to go well and hopefully the upcoming surgery will be the last. I'll update you all next week as to the results. Since the surgery is happening on Tuesday please do not get upset if the update doesn't happen until Thursday. I'm just not sure how well I'll feel on Wed. Thanks again for all of your support!


Keep up the good work. You are constantly in my prayers, and of course, you will be when you are having your surgery on Tuesday. sounds like you are working miracles as usual.

It is so good to hear that you are doing so well. You will be back in your own home before you know it. You will be in my prayers on Tue.


You are a kick! :) Glad that you still have your wonderful sense of humor! You are in my prayers and I will be especially thinking of you on Tuesday as you will be in surgery. Keep on keeping on!
The catering slave
Jeremy -- it was my understanding that the facial doctors cancelled the surgery because they realized they couldn't improve on your cuteness. ;-)

Thanks for your update and we'll look forward to hearing how the surgery went.


You're so funny!


Good to hear you've been able to spend more time at your place, im sure it wont be long until you can move back properly.

I'll be thinking of you Tues, good luck for the surgery, it'll all go great.

Take care, Princess Annie :)
Of course you are cute, and now your charm is coming through as you write your own updates.
Love Ya, Gin
He gets the charm from his sister-oh yeah, his good looks too! ;)
Glad to hear that you keep getting better Jeremy, although clearly there is a vision issue still to be addressed. All in good time. I can refer you to several good opthamologists when you're ready, some of whom are licensed. Best wishes for a successful carpal tunnel surgery sir!
" I've always been this cute..."

HA! Looks like your self-confidence is undiminished.
Some things never change...

"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained."
--Marie Curie Polish-French chemist

Hope all your days get better and better...good luck Tuesday :D
Hey..Jeremy Sounds like my "cutest" Bookstore kid is coming along great.....I am sooo glad you are doing so well...Knew you had it in you ..after all you survived the Bookstore!!!...That took a lot and we really had such fun...take care and I will be thinking of you Mrs.B.
Hi Jeremy -
It sounds like you are coming along fabulously! I met your mom at the Burn Unit when I was there with my husband. His name is Mark Gray and he is also coming along great. As I write this, he is traveling to the far side of Ohio to purchase a motorcycle with sidecar so he can get back to riding this summer. He is also an avid bicyclist and is looking forward to returning to that. If you haven't seen it yet, there is a good program on at 9 pm on discovery health. It's about people who have amputations and the process of building their prosthesis - quite inspiring - just like you and Mark! I've enjoyed reading your blog - you and your family are in our prayers.
Mark spends a lot of time online, feel free to email him at (mine).
Keep the faith - apparently life has a lot in store for you!
WOW, Jeremy, sounds like things are moving along great. We will keep you in prayer on Tuesday. We'll pray for the surgeons to do a masterful repair and for a speedy recovery for you. I know you look forward to being back in your home.

Humor is the best medicine, and you certainly know how to use it.

God bless,
Reg and Mary Jo
Wow, Jeremy it's so good to read your own words. We all appreciated Sarah doing this for you but what a mile stone for you. I hope the surgery does exactly what it's supposed to do and the recovery is swift. I'll keep you in my prayers extra times on Tues.
I'm sure it will so great to be back in your own home but it's wonderful you have such a great family to be with while you recuperate.
All our love the Hatfield's
"NOW" that you are cute, you say? It's incredible what an accident can do to your facial features! (snicker, snicker) Jen and I continue to remember you and to hope for continued healing!
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