Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This week in the news...

Well, as I sit here on my bed, the wounds on my legs exposed to the air, I find myself amazed at how prayer really does help. The wounds are healing at a much more rapid pace than they were a week ago. I'm still concerned that they may not be completely healed by Tuesday but there is a strong chance that they will be. So, please join me in some super focused prayer to whatever deity you may believe in that the remaining abrasions on my left leg heal by Tuesday. If so I may finally be able to stand up and give my rear end some relief!

I never had much of a butt to begin with and I'm afraid that it will be flat as a pancake now. Really folks, there's nothing there so don't let me catch you looking when next we meet! Sorry, I'm not sure how that request for prayer turned into a dissertation on my rear end, or lack there of. I promise the rest will be more appropriate so read on!

They took the stitches out of my hand last Friday and the doctor said it was healing up nicely. He gave me permission to begin using my hand more and said that I could bear weight on my wrist again after this week. What this means is that, come Monday, it'll be alright. (hey, that kinda sounds like a line from a song) It will be nice to be able to move myself around the house on my own again. Mom and Dad are great stand ins for my right arm but I think Madeline is getting a little tired of me distracting them from her.

I made my first attempt at leaving town this past weekend. My friend Jason and his wife Michelle (also a friend) kidnapped me and took me to their home in Corydon to spend Saturday night and attend their daughter's baptism on Sunday. This is quite fitting as without me they would not have met and therefore owe their children's lives to me. Michelle pointed this out over
the weekend and I tried to dodge taking the credit but they would have none of it! I still maintain that their love for one another would have found a way with or without my assistance. Anyway, the trip went well and I think it was very good for me to get out into the world a little bit more. Corydon may not be a booming metropolis but it was a good start.

That's pretty much all I can think of at this point. Hopefully, I'll have some more good news for all of you next week. Oh, since this event in my life has made how small the world really is so clear; Jimmy Buffet, if you read this, I'm sorry for using a line from your song. Doris Young, if you read this, (and I know you do) please excuse all of the grammatical errors. My generation seems to have rewritten all of the rules when it comes to grammar anyway. To all, thanks again and have a great week!

Dear Jeremy...Glad to hear that the wrist will be ready to assist you by next week. Your Virginia family and their friends continue to pray for you. We will pass on your request for a special focus on the left leg. Our love to you and your family, Lilla
I'm glad to hear that your wrist is doing well after the surgery. I'll concentrate all my positive thinking on your left leg, so that your rear end can hopefully get some rest soon. :-)

I just love the humor in your posts. Every Thursday morning I sit down at my computer and say, "hey it's Jeremy day!" and look forward to reading of your progress. Your attitude and graciousness continue to be a positive influence on me.

As your wrist heals and typing becomes easier, I'd love to hear from you in e-mail. I know a lot more has gone on in your life, since high school, other than this accident, and I'd enjoy catching up. If you ever want to drop me a line my address is

Best wishes,
Erin (Nobles) Longwell
I agree with Erin -- I so look forward to getting your updates each week, Jeremy. :-)

Rejoicing in your healing and will pray for it to continue.

I read this today and thought of you -- think of it as small dose of humor ...

Suite Dreams

I am trying hard to get down to Indy for a visit. I know that kids, husband and buying a house should not be more important than you...but alas...that's how the cookie crumbles!
I promise I will come see you as soon as I can, even though I must grudgingly admit you seem to be doing fine without me :)
Hey Jeremy,

Im glad to hear that the hand is better. I will be praying for your leg, and my parents wanted you to know that they have been praying for you also. Anyone that looked out for me while I was in Indy is ok by them, and I apparently told them that you were one of those people :)

Its only 4or5 months now until Im back in Indy permanently (visa permitting - who knew it would be so hard to get married), so I'll get to see you then.

Keep up the updates, Im always checking for them. Take care and keep up the good work :)

Princess Annie ;)
Hi Jeremy!...Like everyone else, we also look forward to your updates, and we will definitely focus our prayers specifically for healing in your left leg. Heather and I are hoping to bring Mom over for a visit later next week...she's been wanting to see you..and so have we! :-) We Love You..Merrilinda and Skeets
Hello from all of us down Greencastle way! Happy to hear about your wrist, your butt will be sorely missed however! ;)
Butt anyway...(ok, I'll stop :)

Why hello Jeremy! It's Luke and Kari was blogging you i just couldnt help from "butting" in! I read all the blogs becuase I'm the postman (if you didnt know we post the new blogs next to the time clock so everyone can take a look) and I'm really happy to hear how quick your recovering. It's amazing to see how many people pulled together to be on your side, and that is obviosly a great tool for recovery. I don't know how many times you hear this a day but I really do miss working with you. You're a great leader and I wasnt aware that my respect for you could be any higher until I saw how well you have taken this! Anyway, this should probably short and sweet and Kari is breathing down my neck so I am really looking forward to seeing you again! Hopefully soon. Take it easy on that hind end, and drop us a line sometime!

I'll keep you in my prayers Jeremy. Hope to see you again real soon!
Take care,
P.S. Call Bill! :)
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