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I'm writing early today because I will be spending the night at my home this evening and I currently don't have an internet connection there. I don't have a lot to report this week. There is one bit of exciting news but I'll save that little tidbit for later. After all, I have to keep you salivating or else you won't read all of my words! While we're on that subject, how is it that I get 29 responses on a picture and only 9 responses on words a week later?! Come on folks, throw me a bone, I enjoy hearing from you. It would be especially helpful if you would let me know what you want to hear about. Then, when it's a slow week, I won't have to spend so much time racking my brain for ideas.

So, since it's been a slow week, I've spent the better part of the afternoon thinking about what I could say this week. Those of you who know me know that I have a habit of procrastinating and should be amazed that I've given this so much thought! And I've decided to share with you how it feels to stand on one leg. I know, all of you have the ability to do this but, keep in mind that I no longer have any muscles from slightly above the knee down. So, take a moment and stand on one leg. Now, don't use your other leg to help you balance, this will be fairly difficult but give it a try. Next, relax the muscles beneath your knee, this includes all of those ankle and foot muscles that we never think about. If you were successful with the instructions above (which is not easy because certain muscles tend to work automatically and are hard to isolate) you should now pick yourself up off the floor.

Now, with all of that in mind I'm not sure why my therapist keeps telling me to try to balance with no hands! One hand I can do but no hands just seems too high an expectation! For the record, just standing up feels fantastic but I'm not all that mobile yet. To keep my back from hurting too much I have to use my abs and my gluts (butt muscles) to stand and relieve pressure from my lower back. I also have to flex my gluts (butt muscles) to move my hip forward and mimic walking. The result is that since I only have my right leg my right gluts (right butt cheek) is now bigger than the left. I'm lopsided! However, my therapist says this is only temporary and it's really not that noticeable. Alright, this paragraph began with me talking about balancing with no hands and that's how it's going to end. Today my therapist had me stand between the parallel bars and balance with no hands. This was achieved by placing the remainder of my left leg on a box and a phone book. I stood with nothing but my legs supporting me and it felt great!

Now, are you ready for that little tidbit that I promised at the beginning? The point of this story of balance and how great it felt to stand without using my upper body strength is this. Yesterday they fitted me for my left leg! Thanks to today's exercise I now am comforted by the knowledge that I'll be able to stand with the new leg. Hopefully by the end of next week I'll be standing on my own two "feet". Even though they will be made of rubber I will own my feet and the legs they are attached to! Stay tuned for more next week, can't wait to read your comments!

Jeremy, you are so much better balanced than most of us could ever hope to be! I keep expecting you to tell us you're signed up for some race like the Indy mini-marathon ... I know that day will come. :) I bet it feels great to be in your own house. I can deliver cherry cobbler there as well as to Park Avenue. Fran
Wonderful to see and hear about you standing. We have been praying for you and your family. God does indeed answer us, even in ways we did not anticipate or desire. I read your updates every week, PLEASE DO NOT STOP WRITING!
Awesome news. Better start working on that left side, no one wants to see you with a lopsided a$$. :D
Thanks for updating us every week, I look forward to hearing how you are dealing with life's challenges and rewards.

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.
~Anais Nin
Dear Jeremy,
Glad to hear that you are up.I try to balance on one leg and can for a VERY brief time.( Old people are told to do the balance act to keep us ready for a fall.)
I would like to know how the cat is dealing with the new limb.Are you home enough for her to consider you a regular or do you still receive a royal welcome?

Jeremy, I have lost your cell phone number. I keep calling some lady by mistake. I have been thinking about you and want to talk to you. I am so happy about your progress. Your sense of humor is great. I love reading what you write! And how did I not know that your birthday is the day after mine? Keep up the good work! Linda Poore
I'm sure I speak for every blog reader when I say, "DON"T STOP WRITING!!!!" Although I'm sure we would all love to drop everything in our lives and follow you around like the crowd around Tiger Woods at the Masters, that isn't really practical. So, the blog is the next best thing. What may seem mundane to you is pure honey to us! Reading from week to week your sucesses(no matter how small), your challenges(no matter how great), and just a general sense of the Jeremy we love is what we crave. Even hearing about the developing 6-pack and Buns of Steel is awesome. So keep it up and we'll continue to follow your journey. Love Always, Amber
It is so wonderful to read about your progress every week. Your positive attitude and sense of humor are a blessing from God.

We love you!
Expectations are goals and I know you have set some, so don't quit my friend. You have achieved way too much to ever NOT set expectations on yourself. I'm glad your up and giving the latter part a rest. It wasn't very big to begin with so, you have to be far as what to talk about you could mention in your blog how your house has changed. I know that I don't get to see the house so visualization through your eyes would be good. Matter of fact, visualization on just about everything through your eyes would be worth talking about or reading. Thanks for your blog Jerm, don't ever think about not writing. Talk about a release :-)
Take care and keep working hard, the rewards are tremendous!!
Love always,
Marsha Shoemaker
Jeremy, You are awesome.....and an
inspiration to all of us. With your
attitude and true grit you can achieve
anything...Keep talking to us.

sincerely, Bill Lusk
Your blog is so much fun to read, and your progress is so gratifying to follow. Upward and onward! Hope to see you this weekend. Let's see--it was pepperoni and sausage, right?

Love ya,
Hi, my name is Maggie. You and I have never met but I read your blog every week. I even wrote a message once, a long time ago before you got out of the hospital. If you stopped writing on here, how would I keep up with your progress? I really hope to meet you someday but, in the meantime, this is my only link to you and you can't take it away from me. You are truly my hero and a huge inspiration (no pressure or anything...)so keep up the good work and keep writing!
Jeremy - I am checking on your blog every morning. It is great reading and it is great to be a part of your progress. The details you are provide are thought provoking. I have discussed what you have written with everyone from my personal trainer to my 83 year old physician friend. Thanks for taking the time to think about and write this stuff for us. My best regards, Carl Braunlich
OK, I will make a post so that you don't stop writing. :) Can't wait to see the new, taller, you in person in May!
Thursday couldn't be "Jeremy Day" anymore if you stopped writing. Your posts are always exciting, entertaining, and uplifting. I'm so happy for you that you'll soon be standing on your own two legs, and it sounds like you'll have the abs and buns of steel to boot.

Keep up the great work, and I hope I'll get to see you some time this summer.

Take care,
Erin Longwell
That's excellent! Post more pictures too, please. You're doing great!

Don't quit writing - My three kids ask about you daily and we love hearing of you progress. We also like praying for you and hearing how God chooses to answer those prayers. Even your setbacks and the way you and your family handle them are life lessons for us all

I also am inspired by you and am very proud to call you my much younger (I'm now 48) and much taller (I'm 4'11") Yankee cousin.

Lisa Kuper Lusk
Hey Jeremy!

So glad to read about all of your progress! It makes me happy to know how strong you are, physically and mentally.
I couldn't be more proud of you! Hope to see you next time I'm in Indianapolis so that I can shake your hand... and then hug you.
We're still here...don't worry.
That rocks about your other prosthetic! Balance will come. We will pray for your patience,as that must be a scary and frustrating road.

Keep the is everything as you well know.

xoxo, the Stergars
Ice packs, love. You forgot to mention we'd probably need ice packs and Advil if we actually tried standing on one leg. As for your gluts, my but(t) won't they be sexy and toned after this work out they're getting!

As for stuff to write about: consider that someone who has JUST had their accident or amputation(s) may stumble over your blog in search of guidance...maybe keep that person in your mind as you post about the adjustments you are learning to make - big and small, expected and surprising. What do you wish someone could have told you/warned you about? One of the best tools for me over the last several months has been blogs written by those who've dealt with the same stuff.
I believe I wrote a comment, but just in case I didn't, here's mine.

Congratulations!! We are delighted to keep following your progress. We do read your weekly updates faithfully and are so glad to hear you are making great progress!! Say hi to your Mom and Dad for us!

Pat and Beth Pritchett
Jeremy, you know if you decide to give up hotel work, you should definetly consider writing--you are a natural. I can definitely see you authoring an inspirational, humorous and thought provoking one in the newspaper.
It's been a long time since we've seen or spoken to eachother (early high school?), so I hadn't felt too comfortable writing into this website. However, I've been following it since it's inception in November, and my mother has kept me up to date on everything as well. I wanted to tell you that I am deeply moved by all of this. But more importantly, I am impressed by how far you have come in your recovery and how positive your attitude appears to me through your writings. I've always believed it to be true that each of is tested at least once in our lives to the fullest degree, and that these tests define our true character. You most certainly are rising to the occasion, Jeremy, and it is inspiring.
We are all thinking of you.
Marc Carpenter
Hi Jeremy!
Glad to be reading your comments from last Wed! (It's now Tues.!) I've been thinking about you today...wondering if we're going to hear tomorrow evening that you've already taken your first 2 steps! :-) By the way, did you reach David Craig yet? If not, let us know, and we'll call him. He's eager to hear from you. Give your mom and dad a hug!

Love You, Merrilinda :-)
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