Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I am taller...

but not by request or by design. In fact, we're not sure what happened. Originally, the doctors had said that they could make me as tall as I wanted. I thought about this for a while and decided it would be best for me to stay the same height. After all, my medical expenses are going to be astronomical and I really don't need to spend money on new pants!

So, getting back to the point, the day I was fit I was told that, while I could be as tall as I wanted, it would probably be best for me to be a little bit shorter than I was. This would be helpful for balance purposes. With me sitting in the wheelchair they measured the distance from the end of my leg to the floor. The point being that they want my knee to be at a 90 degree angle when I sit down. They told me the length of the measurement and when I got home I added it to the measurement from the end of my leg to the top of my head. The result was that I would be a little under 5'8" with the prosthetic. When I stood up for the first time everyone in the room was shocked. The prosthetist double checked the measurements and everything came out right.

My heighth is now 5'11". In my sisters words I am "freaky tall". For now I'm going to remain with my head in the clouds until I'm standing on both legs. If this extra heighth causes a balance issue then I will have them shortened. In regards to dancing, we're no where near that yet, but my dance card is filling up. The first dance was promised to a close friend at New Years. After that I intend to dance the night away when the time comes. I promise I'll let you all know.

There have been a few more strides forward this week. With the help of a walker I am able to get around in a vertical position. I don't really call it walking, because it's more of a hop, but I'm covering more and more distance each day. Several of my cousins installed a wood laminate floor at my house to make it easier for me to get around. My friend Mark visited from Minnesota this week and helped us get my house a lot closer to being finished and we even spent one night there. On Sunday our friend Kevin finished all of his hard work on the bathroom and I was finally able to spend a night at home by myself on Monday! Thus begins a new road on my journey.

Sorry this was so late. Lost was on so I was a bit distracted. Hope all is going well. I'll be in touch with more news next week!

I noticed your newfound height last week but did not say anything for fear I was wrong. After all we do not see each other very often and perhaps I missed your prior sudden growth. Now that it has been confessed and confirmed I am happy to share my 5'11'' with you even if it may be temporary. (We are more likely to be able to see eye to eye on many issues.) Lilla and I look forward to meeting Cleo. We have been life-long lovers of cats. You have a significant group of followers at our church and among our friends. You have been a tremendous inspration to them all. You and your entire family remain in our prayers.I hope we are able to see you in the not too distant future. I'll get a much better view since I have newfound 20/20 vision after completing cataract surgery yesterday. Love to you all,

Wow, thats definately a few nice strides forward, especially that your house is coming along, and that you have people there giving your house a new makeover for you :)

And yay for being able to get around by yourself now, thats got to make you a lot happier.

Keep up the good work :)

Love Annie
Keep up the good work Jeremy. I love reading your blog, it is such an inspiration. I'm happy to hear you are back in your house there is "no place like home, no place like home". My cousin was recently hurt in an accident and I just kept thinking of you and how your attitude of "don't quit" helped you. I told him about you and he was amazed and instantly the feeling of guilt washed away. So, even though you are healing my friend you are still touching lives. God is truly working inwards and outwards on you. You are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong my brother and keep smiling, your so cute when you smile :-)
Love always,
Marsha Shoemaker

It's a good thing they didn't have you sitting on a bar stool when they measured that length!

Great news about your house and I'll bet it was nice to spend evin one night there.

Bill Moore
I also noticed the height...And started thinking, well I bet he could pretty much be as tall as he wants...Not a very economical way to get to the NBA but you never know, it might work out for you :D
I would say that you continue to amaze me, but I pretty much expected this out of you're on track according to the Violet Recovery Plan.Ha!
Keep on keeping on!
Jeremy darling,
Just spoke to Megen today and she gave me instructions on how to email you. I have kept up with your progress since a week after your accident and I have to say from the moment I met you, you have been my superman. I saw it in you long ago and I knew you would rise to ANY occasion. I wanted to hold back from writing, calling and visiting, knowing that you and your family would be overwhelmed by your following. I would like to see you whenever you're available and I miss having our long conversations. You are one of the best and most empathetic "bosses" I have ever had. You are now on the top of my list of "heroes". Love you, Patti Oclander
Even though you are now only 1" shorter than me, we still won't see eye to eye...(After all, Jenny IS my wife and she carries my opinion for me, I know YOU both don't see eye to eye...) Said tongue rammed firmly in cheek, I remain your forever friend!
Wow! Moving forward and Upward!
How wonderful.
Very good news!

PS. We too watch "LOST"
Love that show.

Try watching "24"!
It is the other favorite.

The Stergar Five
I'm so excited for you!! This is great news. Let's just hope when the measure the other leg they use the same tape measurer!

You are always in my thoughts and prayers, despite the fact you haven't heard a peep from me in a long time. I'm so proud of you for keeping your faith and, just as importantly, your sense of humor through all of this. You are truly one of my heroes.
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