Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The next step forward

I've actually taken a couple of steps forward this week. Figuratively, not physically. A return visit to the Walden Inn yesterday was the biggest of those steps. While it was tiring, telling me that I'm not quite ready to return to work, it was wonderful to spend some time with my co-workers again and to sit at my General Managers right hand once more. My hopes are high that I will be able to start working again some time soon. The doctors have yet to give me that approval but they are sounding more optimistic.

Another huge step forward is the improvement in the condition of my left leg. The power of prayer continues to amaze me as, within the last week, my leg has almost completely healed. On March 28th I will see the doctors again and should get the prescription for my left prosthetic.

Speaking of prosthetics, the leg that I mentioned last week will arrive tomorrow. Please keep that positive energy flowing as I make the biggest step this far. Obviously I won't really be able to walk with only one leg but I will be able to stand and move around a little bit with the assistance of a walker. Yes, I am becoming more and more like my Grandfather every day.

Tomorrow we'll only make certain that the leg fits and they may work with me a little at the prosthetisits office. The real training will begin on Friday afternoon at physical therapy. I also won't have the walker until Friday so Mom and Dad will have to double for that so I can practice on Thursday night.

I realize that it won't be easy right away. Many people have cautioned me not to get frustrated. That may happen, but the most important thing to me is that tomorrow I get to stand up! So, stay tuned for more info on how this new path on the road to recovery turns out.

You must be excited about being able to stand again. Yay for tomorrow.

And also good that you're looking forward to go back to work. Believe it or not so am I but for different reasons - school is no fun anymore now that I have to work and not party ;)

Im loving that everytime you update now its getting better and better news.

Keep up the good work. Try not to let the frustration get to you, I know its easier said than done.
Take care

Lots of love Annie
We are thrilled with your progress.Your family here and our friends will continue to pray for healing and the prosthesis and your return to work.

Love ,Harry and Lilla
Sending positive energy always.
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