Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Hmmm...I wonder when this amazing picture was taken?? See, you do get a better picture if you use one hand to hold one eye shut! I was laughing and smiling when I saw this entry :)
Woo Hoo! Onward and upward, Jeremy!


Everyone: I forgot to mention that this picture was taken on Jeremy's birthday! What a birthday gift!

(Thanks for the reminder, Megen!)
Wow Jeremy! You look great! And so tall! :)

Love, Minda
Awesome!! Did you get to pick how tall you would be?


Fantastic Jeremy!!

We're so excited for you! :)

The Orr family
Is it my imagination...or are you taller than before? :)

Honestly, you look great. I sure your backside enjoyed the break as well!

I tend to agree with the rest of them, how tall are you now? You look fantastic! I saw this picture and made it my backdrop on my computer so that I'm constantly reminded of how great the power of prayer!! Now maybe you can help your mom change a lightbulb without a ladder :-)
Love ya always and keep up the good work!!
It is so great to see that pic! Its amazing.

And you are definately looking a lot taller. WHat a great b'day pressie indeed.

So so pleased for you :)

Love annie x
CONGRATULATIONS! Its great to see you 'up.'

Jeremy - You, your attitude, your family, your church, your workplace, your friends, your faith - all amazing and beautiful.

Love You
Wow! Double Wow! What a handsome crew. Keep up the good work.

Check you out!
Yay, Jeremy!!!! We're so excited for you! Your progress is just amazing!!

We love you!
Now that's what I can a STANDING OVATION

Terrific news! Congrats! Wow, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words, but in this case, I'd say a million. God bless.

~The Copperwaite Crew~
Your Virginia cousins were so excited to see this picture. You are truly amazing!

Lisa Kuper Lusk
WOW!!!! That is absolutely awesome. I too think you look taller but whatever... You are such an inspiration and we are so impressed by your amazing attitude and progress. See you soon.
You look great Jeremy!! How wonderful your new life is happening. One of the next pictures I'm anxious to see is that Red Convertible with you behind the wheel...............
Love Thoughts & Prayers
Aunt Cindy
You DO look taller - must be all the medicines and vitamins they gave you. To see you standing is one of many prayers answered. This is another step forward in your amazing journey - thank you for letting us all be a part of it.

I'm so glad we finally got the family together - emotional for all but again, thank you, for making the effort.
Love and more prayers,
Cousin Karen and family
Wow!!! You look fantastic, Jeremy! Your parents look great too! We are so happy for you!! What a great birthday present to be able to stand up and to be that much closer to getting back home and back to work. Happy birthday, a few days late.
Love, Bruce and Caroyn
Wow Jeremy...that is incredible.
You look just great!!!

Your strength shows.

xo, The Stergars
You are actually taller than Manny!!!

Ana Maria Godoy
Red convertible, eh? We can make that happen! How about a "Stang?" And I thought you said you weren't going to get taller??? Oh, and you are a TURKEY for not letting your birthday get out, and I think I'm going to blame Sarah on this one! (And punish with hugs and kisses all around, Don'cha knowh?:
Hey Jerm?
When I asked you if you'd ask the doc to make you taller - you said you wouldn't.
Uhh...What happened? Your parents get shorter?
Now for the hydraulics and spring motors. We'll make you a starter for the Pacers yet!

Rob Elkins
What a wonderful picture of all of you....your mom and dad couldn't be prouder. I'm so happy to see Patty's joyous smile. We sure have a great family! We're so very thankful for you, Jeremy.

Love you,

Merrilinda and Skeets

I'm very happy to see how great your progress has been. Keep up the great work!
Congratulations on your birthday.

Eduardo Moya
Jeremy, we have been tuning in regularly and watching your progress which seems great. Tough work! There are bound to be up times as well as down ones. I bet you will be anxious to get back into your own house - sounds from your dad like it is ready for your return. We talked the other day and he told me all the details. Keep at it, looks like you are doing great!

Kenyon and Paula

This is an awesome picture of you and your parents. You all look so wonderful. I hope you got everything you wished for and more on your birthday. I hope your hands are doing better and that your legs are doing great as well.
I hope to be able to talk with you soon. Mary
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