Thursday, April 20, 2006


Show and Tell

Sorry for the delay. Oh, and the Pacers won! Other than that I have some good and bad news to report this week. Well, not bad really, but kinda sketchy. So, we'll start off with the good news.

Yesterday was a busy day that began with a visit to Madeline's (my niece) pre-school. She took me to school to show my legs for show and tell. The kids were great fun. They had some questions but, for the most part, seemed more interested in telling me about themselves. There was one little boy who enjoyed running over and straightening my legs and then running away again. Every time my legs would lower back down he would come back and straighten them again!

After pre-school I had my first therapy session of the week. Renee and Sarah (PT, not sister) have been discussing different ways to torture me. The "special" thing that they had planned for this week was for me to fall. They put out some mats, Sarah obsessed over some pillows, and then they took the crutches away. I started to fall backwards, which was not the plan, and then, after Renee and Sarah helped me recover my balance, I fell forward.

Eventually I am going to fall on my own and it's important to know how to absorb the shock so I don't injure myself. My martial arts training proved to be quite helpful and Renee and Sarah decided it wasn't necessary to make me fall again. However, I then had to figure out how to get back up. This is not an easy task. Unfortunately I did need assistance from my two favorite PT's (that stands for Physical Torture expert). The main reason why I needed assistance is that once again the pain from the bone at the end of my left leg reared it's ugly head.

This brings us to the bad (sketchy) stuff. The pain is not going away. There are moments when it's not as bad but it gets worse the longer I wear the prosthetic. I went to the Prosthetists office today and they made some more adjustments. They seemed to help but it still isn't perfect. What worries me is that, if the pain doesn't go away, more surgery will be necessary. this is extremely disappointing because, other than the pain, I'm getting better at walking each day.

Today I also got a new knee on the right leg. It matches the left and I now have two legs that bend! It's gotten easier to walk and my hopes are high that we'll get the problem on the left worked out so that I can start wearing the prosthetics more often.

I'm sure I'm leaving a lot of stuff out but that's about all that I can think of at the moment. Have a great week! Can't wait to hear what you all have to say.

You had to learn to fall when riding a bike, and you mastered the bike ... no doubt you will be walking well in no time. Hopefully you won't have to do another surgery, but if so, it will be worth it. I bet there aren't many other kids who have had such a unique show & tell to take to school.

It continues to be great to read of your wonderful progress ... and your attitude is the BEST!!

Hang in there, I know it took my mom's cousin a LONG time to find the right fit on his prosthetic. He said that was by far the most frustrating part.

I think it's hilarious you let the kids play with your legs at pre-school. Sooooo funny! I wonder what that boy's parents thought when he told them about his day..."You did WHAT??" Heehee!

PS: Amber is about to POP - yay!
Hi Jeremy

This is Dawn (Woolgar) Cerasale. I worked with your dad and am Sarah's sister-in-law. You have been in our prayers everyday and we have found your progress inspirational. Your steady recovery brings joy to so many.
Hey - if we can install a gyro in your head and some software, you wouldn't need to learn to fall at all. Now where is my soldering iron? Hmmm........

Rob Elkins
i believe the term should be personal torture experts - right?
keep going - you didn't walk the first you learned w/o falling either. you will do well.

I have to say we weren't born this age so, learning is an everyday occurence. Keep up the hard work your rewards are numerous. It was awesome seeing you that night, let's do it again real soon....miss you terribly!
Just Wow!!!!

Your progress and determination are so incredible Jeremy.
Once offer so much perspective on my own life challenges. Thank you.

I think that is so sweet about Madeline taking you to pre-school.
I was told my older brother did the same "Show and Tell' thing when I was a newborn.

It sounds like Madeline is dealing with all of the changes with Uncle Jeremy really well.

You have a phenomenal family.

The Stergars Five
I'm glad to hear that you've got two bend-y (yes, it is a word) legs now and are moving forward (no pun intended). You've worked so hard already that you're making these all sound like small challenges.
I hope we get the chance to see you soon. I'm not sure how, but we must! For the record, I, too, am nearly ready to pop. We're looking at maybe 4-5 weeks. Cliff will have something to celebrate on Father's Day for sure!
Great news...can't wait to see you in action. (get the dirty thoughts out of your head)

I mean walking! Stay in touch, we miss you.

Ali & Jimmy Tucker
Wow! You got taller! I haven't got to check in on you lately because of the new job. It's great to see you coming along so well!! I still keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work!

Show and Tell?? Now my kids are going to be seriously jealous! I better not tell them or you will have invitations in the mail...
Good to hear about your week, good and bad.
Keep it up!
Great news about your progress, Jeremy! :) We're so proud of you - and excited about the incredible steps forward you are making. ;) (pun intended)
Sorry to hear about the surgery - but we're so thankful that your pain can be lessened - and put you out of commission for a short time. (compared to the road you've already traveled)
We continue to pray for you daily - the kids don't forget cousin Jeremy. :) I showed them the pictures you posted - they were full of questions and quite excited. I am going to mail the picture to your parents that Kate made for you - remember me telling you about it? I've had it sitting on the counter since we saw you. :) Finally, I have stamps!
The day at pre-school sounds like it was a fun and refreshing experience for you. I'm sure Madeleine was quite proud of Uncle Jeremy - and his impressive legs!
We love you! Keep updating us -

Kelly for the Orrs
Hi Jeremy,
Heard you are in alot of pain and not feeling to well. Hope you start feeling better I miss your sense of humor on the blog.Hang in there and just remember how far you have come.
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