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Yes, it's true. We made the decision on Friday that the pain caused by the extra bone growing at the end of my left leg was not going to go away. It's bearable for a while but not enough for me to wear the prostheses for long periods of time. This is preventing me from moving forward. So, it's time to take a step back.

On Monday morning I'll be admitted for surgery at Wishard. The surgery should be at about 11:30 am as long as no emergencies get in the way. On the bright side, I'm no longer considered an emergency! They'll be removing the extra bone only, so I won't be losing any length. The way that it's been described to me, normal bone is like a tree branch while this new growth is more like coral. It's growing off the end, to the inside, and up. Due to the consistency of the bone Dr. Stewart says that she can cut the bone off without bothering my femur. While she's in there she's going to cut the ends off of a couple screws that are apparently too long.

I'll be staying at Wishard Monday night and then on Tuesday morning I'll be going to IU Med where they will irradiate (is that the right word?) the end of my leg. The purpose of this is to stop the cells from multiplying. This should prevent any further growth. It's not guaranteed but what really is anymore? If I haven't mentioned it before there is a chance that the bone could grow back. In fact, the bone could grow anywhere in my body. It's not a result of the amputations, but rather the burn trauma. It occurs with Burn, Spinal, and Brain trauma.

Once I have healed, which may be another 4 to 6 weeks, I'll get another fitting on my left leg and a new socket will be made for my prostheses (sp?). Hopefully then the legs will become more practical for me to wear everyday instead of being a novelty.

It's difficult for me to stay positive right now because of the step back, and because of a rather nasty cold that has crept up on me. But, I have to look at it like this. If I were trying to push a boulder out of my way and it wouldn't move I could waste the rest of my life trying to force it or I could step back, rethink the problem, and find another way around the boulder. With any luck this surgery will make it possible for me to walk most places as opposed to pushing myself around in a wheelchair. I promise, someone will let you know how the surgery goes on Monday. Till then have a great weekend!

Thinking of you as you go through yet another surgery, recovery, and adjustment period.
May your spirits be lifted by the knowledge that so many people love you and are praying for you as you face the obstacles placed in your road to full independence.

Lisa Kuper Lusk
At least you can take a "step" backwards. Just think where we would be if they hadn't discovered how to walk with prothesis legs. You HAVE to remain positive Jerm and remember that you are NOT alone in your journey. You will be OK!!!! I'm praying for you and thinking of you every day!!!!!Good luck and let us know where that extra bone is growing now...ha, your in my prayers brother and I love you,
Well, I hate it that you have to go through yet another surgery, but hopefully you will recover as quickly and miraculously as you have with everything you have been through already!! We'll be praying that the surgery is uneventful and textbook! :)

The cold thing must really be making it's way around - I'm just getting over it and Ellie and Anna are in the thick of it! Hope yours is better before Monday!


Hi Jeremy,
I'm sorry to hear that you have another surgery and recovery period to go through. I'm sure that must be frustrating for you, but just keep your focus on that goal of pain free walking. I think your boulder analogy is fantastic, and just the right way to look at this.

I'll be sending positive thoughts your way for the surgery, and I hope your recovery time will fly by. Stay strong!

Best wishes,
Erin Longwell
Jeremy - I'd like to thank you for trying so hard to accomodate my grammatical hang-ups. Yes, prosthesis is one, prostheses are more than one and prosthetic is an adjective, not a noun. Now if I could only get Dr. C to remember that...It's a good thing I have something so important to spend my energies on while you're recovering from this annoying, yet necessary surgery. I'm also going to be trying to figure out how you can ascend stairs, now that you're learning how to descend without too much ado or flailing of arms.
I'll be praying for you during and after the surgery, for a miraculously quick recovery, no loss of mobility and the hope that this, too, shall pass. I'll also be shopping in the Wiz gift shop for the perfect gift that says "get well soon" in a Wishard kind of way...
Thanks for being the best patient ever (at least, thus far in my career!).
Keep your chin up and the postive thoughts flowing. Remember: You are already so much farther along that anybody ever thought you would be!
Jeremy--As I'm sure you know, there is no shame in feeling discouraged or down when the going gets tough. We're only human and we have to own the feelings we have. What makes you so amazing is your ability to examine things philosophically and in perspective in order to move past the negative and into the realm of "glass half full." That gift seems to have given you the strength and the faith to accomplish some pretty amazing things against incredible odds. The support of others has helped, but you're the guy with the gift. We have faith in you because of it.

Love and hugs,

Tom and I will be thinking of you on Monday. You have made an incredible, fast recovery and sometimes some setbacks happen. Hang in there I know that you will succeed in record time.

Alex and Tom
Jeremy, I can picture you moving that boulder out of your way and walking right past where it used to be! We pray for your continued strength.
Bill and Pam Moore
We are also praying for you, Jeremy. ".....for I know the plans I have for you....."

Love You,

Skeets & Merrilinda :-)
Jeremy - so sorry for you to have to face another surgery...but it sounds like you're making exactly the right decision. The progress you've made (since those very dark days in October) is truly miraculous - your strength, courage, and the support of your family and friends will hopefully make this just a very quick detour on your path. We'll be thinking of you on Monday. - Richard and Kathy Foran
We in HTM at Purdue are thinking of you and love reading your blogs. Your humor and wisdom in all this is amazing. You are on my prayer list and others in my church. We pray your surgery goes well and you will heal quickly and be back up soon! Take care.

Mary Beth Brubaker
Academic Advisor
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Good Luck for the surgery and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

I can imagine its hard to stay positive but when you get to feeling down, just look at how far you've come so far and how quickly. And look at all the support and love you have to help you through the bad bits.

I hope the surgery goes well.

Love Annie x
Jeremy, you are a world wonder and a true hero! You certainly have the right to feel frustrated by this newest challenge, and I'm sure all those people who love and care about you will be with you in spirit on Monday, cheering from the sidelines. Hope is a balsam that doesn't heal, but it does give us courage and strength to endure suffering. With the wisdom you have gained in these past months, I have no doubt that you will keep hope in your heart, and that you will be walking again soon. Your friends in Oberwangen, Switzerland are wishing you well!
Janice, René and Stefanie Hofer

Jennie and I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Hang in there and this too shall pass. You are amazing! Take care.
We will all be thinking of you tomorrow as you are in surgery and recovery.Do remember that you are in the prayers of your family and their friends here in Virginia.
Our love to you and family,
Harry and Lilla
There's not a thing wrong in letting God know you have had some discouragement. He can fill this void in ways that only He can do.
He didn't bring you this far to leave you. Just rest assured that there are so many praying for you.
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