Friday, May 19, 2006


Home again, home again....

Jeremy got to come home this evening. The doctors were able to figure out the infections and to determine an appropriate course of treatment. He has a nasty staph infection-the kind that doesn't respond to penicillin or any of it's derivatives and another infection with a long name that neither Jeremy or my mom were able to remember. He is home with IV antibiotics. He will have a visiting nurse come twice a day for 6 weeks to administer the medication-eventually some of us might get trained so that we can do it for him but agreeing to a visiting nurse was the quickest way to get him home. I will let him fill you in on the gory details when he is ready. I am off to put a VERY sleepy girl to bed-oh yeah, Madeline's heading to bed too! :)

All my positive thoughts for your strength and recovery...
I'm glad you get to be home again, its got to feel better being around your own stuff.

Still sending thoughts and prayers your way...keep positive Jeremy. We're all here for you.

Love Annie x
Jeremy, We had not checked your blog for a few days and did not realize you were having all of these problems. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery! I know that you are glad to be back home. Stay positive and let the visiting nurses and the IV meds do their job and you will be up and walking before you know it!
Love, Carolyn and Bruce
Glad you are back home again. Hopefully having your own creature comforts around you will help to speed your recovery. Keep on pushing through this. You'll be back to walking around and enjoying your backyard soon.

Take care,
Erin Longwell
Jeremy-Staph infections are the scourge of the health care world,
I just recovered from one of those "resistant" things antibiotics and pain UGGG>>>>
My prayers and most pain-free
wishes for your quick recovery is
sent every day

Are you sure they said "staph" infection and not "staff" infection? Ha, just kidding buddy. You know they love you over there as much as we do. Nothing but positive thoughts coming your way now for a speedy recovery. Stay strong my friend minor setbacks are the stumbling blocks to bigger and better things! They make us strong people...lay around in your hammock soaking up the IV and the sun.
Love ya,

All my good spirits and prayers go to you my dear friend. This is just another test that I'm sure you will overcome. I think of you everyday and Manny sends you lots of hugs. Whenever you are ready and feeling better and if not we'll be there for you always ok? don't forget about us cause we'll certainly not forget about you
Love you,

Ana Maria & Manny

I hope the visiting nurses are kind and smart and beautiful and...single!

Your are still in our prayers and we think of you often. I am glad you are home and hope that the visiting nurse will take good care of you. Hope to come and see you soon.
P.S. YOu missed a good Birthday party, and it was a SURPRISE to me.

Love you always,
Michelle and Jason Copperwaite
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