Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I'm back!

Sorry it's taken so long. 3+ cups of bone, and then two weeks later, a cup and a half of puss (yuck) coming out of my body has left me feeling a little uncommunicative. The pain was bad and, honestly, it got a little hard to see the point of continuing the fight. With the help of friends (both old and new) and family I'm finally feeling better about things and the light on the other side of the horizon seems reachable again.

While I was out of touch Renee, my Physical Therapist, attended a class in Chicago that covered a lot of info about Bilateral AK (Above Knee) Amputees. She called me on her way back with a message of hope. She'd seen three people, with the same challenges that I now face, walking unassisted. Now, they've been walking a lot longer than I have but the point is that I can get there. That freedom will one day be mine.

It's hard to sit here on my bed and look at the pair of legs and crutches that are collecting dust. But I know that in a few weeks, when the pain is completely gone, I'll be back up and dealing with a different kind of pain. The kind that Renee inflicts on me during our therapy sessions.

This is all I've got in me for now. An old friend will be here in a few minutes with dinner so I can't keep rambling the way I usually do. I haven't forgotten where I left off with the improvements on the house and I promise I'll finish eventually. For now though, just know that I'm feeling better and my spirits are up. Thanks again for all your support!

Iam so glad to hear that you are home and up for the fight to walk again. I know your determination and faith will get you there. Hang in there and the day will come.Patience is hard but you can do it.You've come so far already.
Hi Jeremy

In deed you are sounding much better! We are glad to hear the renewed spirit but we never doubted that you would rebound.

Your "measurements" are reminders of the recipe I have been working on this evening. Mine is a cup and a half of sugar (yum) and one and a third cup of water, etc. Then four cups of strawberries in the two pie shells I have just baked and "voila".... I'll have two strawberry pies to take to our end-of-season choir party/rehersal tomorrow evening. I would love to share one with you but there is a fair distance between the Atlantic coast and your place. But later this summer we may be able to get one to you. The berries we picked this morning were much larger and more plentiful than those we many years ago picked in your great-grandfather Calvin's patch on Audubon Road. ( But they don't taste any better!!! )

You remain in our thoughts each day and also our prayers.

Cousin Harry
Hi Jeremy,
I keep thinking about that boulder that keeps getting in your way. I see it getting smaller and smaller. One day soon it will be so small that you will step over it. Many people continue to pray for you and ask God to provide you with whatever you need.
Pam Moore
Hmmmm.... Renee used to be the Pretty Torturess, or something like that, didn't she? Now she's back to a Physical Therapist. I have total confidence she will do all she can to get you up and walking soon - if for no other reason than to reclaim her name! :) She sounds like a true angel in your life - and you sure have been blessed with many angels. Hang in there, Jeremy!! Fran
"Friend Created"

The Maker made us in His image,
So The Story goes.
Man and woman both,
Glory in repose.
Perfect bodies each,
Keen minds and yet...
What is within our hearts
We often times forget.

He gave us love and humor,
He gave us joy and trust.
He gave us all forgiveness...
When at times it seems we must.
He gave us hope and wisdom,
And strength to endure the worst.
But of all the gifts He gave us
Friendship was the first.

For without the need for friendship,
Adam would have stayed just one.
Or He, Himself remained solitary.
The dark would know no sun.
The land and sea undivided,
The First Story unpenned.
Creation uncreated...
None needed without a friend.

So when you falter and stumble
When darkness seems no end,
When hope lay broken around you
And you have no joy to lend,
When sorrow is your master...
When grief you must attend,

Remember I am with you.
Created simply as a Friend.

I'm so glad you're feeling a bit can only get better from here!

I hear you guys are having some nice weather so I hope you've been able to get out into your hammock and enjoy it.

Although our unofficial wedding will still be taking place in July, it looks like I wont be moving over permanently for a little while after that. Visa problems i.e we think they lost our application!! Anyway...end of July, I will be coming to see you or hoping that you'll be able to make it to the reception. But I'll be in touch before then anyway.

Keep positive, and remember what you've achieved so far! You are an amazing guy!

Love Annie x x
I can just envision that jaw of yours resetting itself with determination. That reservoir of strength that you possess is pretty darn deep. I'm in awe.

Love and hugs with pizza in tow,
I'm so glad you're seeing the light on the other side of that boulder again. I'm sure that kind of pain can really shake your resolve, but you've got so many people pulling for you, praying for you, and helping you to reach your goals, so I know you'll be able to get through any dark patches that come along. I'm still hoping I can make it up to Indy for a visit this summer, and hopefully I'll see you up and walking around by then.

Take care,
Erin Longwell

It's good to know you are feeling better, both physically and emotionally.

Although your home improvements sound interesting, I am much more interested in you and your personal improvements. It's so great that you have family, friends, and therapists who keep you not only physically "charged" but also emotionally "charged".

Amazing things happen to amazing people and I have no doubt that you are among those people.

Prayers to you and yours
Marilyn Becker
Not sure what to say except touche' on the pain'e...that is pig latin for way to cure the pain train...something like that. Glad to hear you are doing much better and your will to move forward is back. Got to hand it too Renee and her staff for getting you back in the boat and ready to move on down the stream of life. Ya know it is becoming harder and harder to find words to match everybody, ditto on what they all are saying especially the prayer chain it keeps growing and growing and growing...
Much love my friend;
We are so sorry about all you are dealing with.
It just does not seem right that some people endure so much.
We continue to think of you and pray for you...albeit at a distance.

Blessings to you...
the stergars

Your spirit amazes me. I've been following the blog since your accident, and my prayers continue to be with you and your family.

Jill (Sarah's IU friend)
Hi Jeremy,

We've been thinking about you this week....actually, we think about you daily! We had a great visit with Minda and Mario and had a lot of fun when Harry, Lilla and Mary-Camille joined us last Friday. Harry brought one of his delicious strawberry pies to share! Sounds like he's going to make one just for you! :-)

Bless your are enduring so much. Thankfully, you are surrounded by much love and the prayers of so many people who love you dearly....

Merrilinda and Skeets
Hi Jeremy,

Everyone thinks of Memorial Day as a time to honor our heroes who have fought (and some have died) for our country. This weekend I will think of you as another hero, who we almost lost, and who continues to fight a battle here at home.

Cousin Lisa Lusk
It is so great to hear from you again and to know that you are feeling better. It's been hard to read the blogs the past couple of weeks knowing how much pain you were in. You don't need Renee to tell you stories about people to give you determination and hope. You know in your heart that you are capable of achieving dreams beyond dreams. Don't get discouraged. We are all here cheering you on!
Hi Jeremy

You are one tough Guy.Every time I
read your comments I am amazed. Hang in there, we are pulling and praying for you every day. Those legs will be busy sooner than you think.

Bill Lusk
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