Monday, May 01, 2006


A Long Day

Well, after a long day of waiting and surgery and more waiting Jeremy is resting back at the burn center tonight-he was given a room there after his surgery because there were rooms available and he is a former patient. I guess they kind of liked him there so they were glad to have him return. Surgery was supposed to be at 12:30 but the surgical team didn't actually wheel Jeremy back until around 2:30. Then there was more waiting.

Around 6:45 Dr. Stewart came out to talk with Mom and Dad. She explained that she had decided to do her other surgeries first because she wanted to be available to spend some time talking to Jeremy and answering his questions when he awakened. (Hmm...Jeremy ask questions??? How odd...) :)

She told them that she had "peeled" away an extraordinary amount of bone from Jeremy's leg (around 3 cups worth). She was impressed with the fact that Jeremy had been able to get up on prosthetics at all because of the amount of pain that should have caused. Good for Jeremy for persevering!

Dr. Stewart mentioned that Jeremy would probably think that she had taken more inches off of the length of his leg. That's not the case. The entire femur is still there but it looks much smaller due to the amount of excess bone that was taken away. The beauty of this is that when they went to close up there was extra skin-and they don't want extra skin because they need a good tight and smooth surface to fit the prosthesis. So, they had to remove some. They were able to remove the entire graft area from the burn injury! All his skin is his own healthy skin!! Dr. Stewart mentioned that because they were able to remove the rest of the burned area this type of problem is unlikely to develop again. I should also mention that in addition to bone peeling, (doesn't that sound awful? I keep envisioning a potato peeler.), the doctor removed the screws from Jeremy's femur. The bone has healed nicely.

Overall, surgery was a huge success. Mom and Dad report that he is uncomfortable this evening but glad that surgery is over. He will have radiation treatment tomorrow and the doctor has suggested that he remain in the hospital until Wednesday just to give him more time to rest. We'll see what he thinks about that! Dr. Stewart felt that the incision should be healed within two weeks give or take and then he can get up and running (or rather, walking) again. Dr. Stewart and everyone else who knows Jeremy-and I'm beginning to think that's just about everybody-are very complementary about him. They enjoy working with him and feel that he is an inspiration to all. I wholeheartedly agree.

Jeremy should be back with you on Wednesday-I know you will miss him if he's unable to do it. However, if he's not able to do it I will give a follow up on his post-op progress. Take care.


Hi Sarah... It's great to "see" your "voice" again. Thanks for filling in for Jeremy. Sounds like the surgery went extremely well. Since they were able to remove much of the the artificial stuff (graft and screws) I quess we are approaching 99 and 44/100% pure Jeremy. We look forward to his report.

Love from VA family
Harry and Lilla
Sarah - Thank you for the update :)

Jeremy - Im really glad to hear that things went well and that they actually turned out better than everyone thought they would!! THats great news.

Im sure you'll be back on your feet in no time. I hope you get to feeling comfortable soon.

Keep up the good work.

Love Annie x
Great news, Sarah. I'm glad to hear things went so well and that the medical staff thinks so much of our brave Jeremy. I feel he will get extra special care because he has been such a great guy through all of this.

Lisa Kuper Lusk

P.S. I will never again be able to prepare potatoes without thinking of Jeremy!
Great News!!! Hang in there partner. Take advantage of the rest in the hospital while you can. You are awesome.
Thanks for the update, Sarah!

Congrats on the successful surgery, Germ. I knew it would be no sweat after all you have already been through and accomplished! See you soon!

Woo Hoo! 2 weeks recovery sounds so much better than the 4-6 weeks you were originally given!!

Praying for a quick recovery ...


Happy for you Jeremy hopefully this is the last one. We love you and hope to see you very soon

lots of kisses

Ana Maria and Manny...
See Jeremy a little set back gives you the much needed rest your body was craving. Don't let this sideline you too long. You have tons of things you have to get done. Keep setting your goals and shooting for the stars. Sarah, it was nice to have the update. Take care of your brother and the rest of the family. What a rock!! We have the whole summer to get him up and "running". Hang in there Jerm and listen to your PT's...
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