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I completely forgot today was Wednesday. When you spend as much time sitting around the house as I have during the month of May it's easy to lose track of the days. Anyway, I can report that there's been much less pain this week. I'm barely even using the narcotics (pain killers) anymore.

I'll see the doctor tomorrow morning and the wound looks healed enough that they will probably take most of the stitches out. There is one spot that continues to drain fluid during the night but it's improved dramatically over the past week. After I see the doctor tomorrow I should have a clearer picture of how soon I can be fit for a new prosthesis and how quickly I can get up and walk again!

The legs have been staring at me from the closet for 3 weeks now and it's getting both eerie and tiresome. The doors had to be taken off of my closet so that I could get in there with my wheelchair. This has three major drawbacks. The first and foremost is that my legs are always in sight and sometimes, because my suits are hung behind them, it looks like I'm standing in there looking back at myself (spooky huh?). The second problem is that the closet doors were full length mirrors so I can't really see all of myself when I stand up. The third, and biggest concern of all is that there's nothing to keep the monster in the closet at night. Although, it's possible that my legs, under the direction of my doppleganger self, have been keeping the monster in the closet because there have been no attacks!

Point being, I'm ready to walk again and it's gonna be soon. And this time, the left leg is gonna feel great and I'll be walking more than wheeling around in my wheelchair. They may even become so normal that I can put the doors back on the closet. After all, my legs will be out with me so I've gotta find a way to keep the monster under control!

Well, enough of that, I'll let you know what the Doctor says tomorrow.

Jeremy, It's great to hear that the pain is decreasing! Hopefully the doc's appointment today (thurs) will go really well.

You'll be back walking in no time :)

Maybe the monster in the closet has agoraphobia, so its cowering in the corner now your closet is open plan? And thats why it hasnt come out? :)

Good Luck today, and keep up the good work!!

Love Annie x
Jeremy, It is great that you are feeling better and you are right that it will not be long before you are up and walking. I love to read your writing, what a sense of humor and creativity. In your spare time, (ha, I know you don't have much with the drs., therapy, etc.) you really should write a book. You are an excellent writer. I really look forward to your blog entries. Good luck today at the dr. Our prayers are with you. Love, Carolyn
Who knew you were afraid of the boogey man? We all have monsters in the closet I'm glad you are finally talking about yours..just kidding :-). You will be up and walking soon and that is great news, we have tons to catch up on!!Not to mention the hammock is calling your name. Good luck at the drs. today and stay strong my friend, stay strong!
Love ya tons,

I'm so happy that things are finally looking up again for you!! What exciting news about that your therapist brought back from the conference!! Knowing how strong willed you are, you'll be one of those walking unassisted, too!! I'll try to get up there to visit soon. It'll have to be an evening or weekend since the girls are out of school.


I'll send you a picture of Jenny. That's a sure guarentee to keep the monsters away!
Just a thought Jeremy...maybe the monster is struggling with it's sexual identity and really isn't ready to come out of the closet just yet...
You crack me up - 'under the direction of my doppleganger self' - very funny.

I was thinking this morning that I used to pull up your blog hoping "Oh, please don't let there be any bad news" and now I pull it up just for the joy of reading what you've created on here. Others have said it, and I must agree - I think your writing rocks.
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