Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Quick update

Jeremy is actually feeling a little better today! To feel better the day after surgery gives me an indication of how bad he must have been feeling before the surgery. Not much has changed since last night. We are waiting on results from the cultures. When those come in they should be able to find the right antibiotic to fight this infection. It sounds to me like he will have to be on IV antibiotics and he is not thrilled by this news. Anyway, the doctor said that it would be at least the weekend before he could go home. I will share your comments with him-I know they help him to feel better. I'll share more information with you as soon as I have some. :)

Sorry about the complication.You hang in there and take care of yourself.I'll be waiting to hear they have that infection under control and your on the go again. I'm keeping you in my prayers
Love Della
Having you as the closest thing to a brother I would ever have...I never imagined that you would become my give them hell!
Well I'm glad to hear your feeling a bit better. Sorry that you have to stay in hospital longer but at least they know what they are doing so its best in the long run to stop the infection coming back.

At least the weather is bad (well it is here at least) so you're not missing out on any hammock time :)

Take care,
love annie x
Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Amy Murray and family
Hang in there, Jeremy!

We are all pulling for you.

Lisa Lusk
Let the pretty nurses take care of you!! Keep hitting that button if you need anything. I wish we could of talked longer yesterday but I could tell you were having some issues with pain. I'll be in touch soon again and we can chat all night long. Until then, take care of yourself and let them take care of you!! Fight that infection, fight that infection....
Love ya Jerm;
Jeremy--I've got a sausage and pepperoni pizza waiting for you when you're ready. I know that will be soon. Pulling for you, Bud.

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Johanna and I are hopeful and happy that you appear to be feeling better today. I will try to make it over to Wishard to see you today or tomorrow.

Hmm, feeling better, eh? It MUST be those pretty nurses! After all, you always have said a pretty girl makes your day. Let's just hope those nurses ARE girls! Ha! (sorry if the laughter makes the pain worse!

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I'm so sorry to learn of this - as always, we are all thinking of and praying for you. ID docs can work miracles - I keep 'em on speed dial myself....

Phil and I are praying for you morning, afternoon, and evening. We're praying your infection won't be an antibiotic-resistant bug, compliments of Wishard! We're also praying for comfort,patience and energy for your mother,father, and Sarah. We are pulling for you to have good pain relief, rapid healing, and be back home ASAP. Take heart: there are worse things than IV antibiotics (like oral ones that upset your stomach and give you the runs!).
Elizabeth Bowman
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