Friday, May 12, 2006


Spirit Lifting Needed!

Hey guys! Jeremy is still feeling really yucky. I think-no, I KNOW- that he needs some positive thoughts to lift his spirits. If you're out there and reading this please leave him a note-I know it will help!

Love you Jeremy!!!


I love you Uncle Jeremy. I hope you get better soon.
All my love


(J-she really put that on herself-picking out each letter on the keyboard. I just helped with caps and punctuation! Love you-S)
Jeremy, I know you are going through a rough time right now but how are you going to finish your story about your house if you don't get off your duff? I know you'll be feeling better soon, after all, look at all you've been through up to this point.
You've been and are an inspiration to a lot of people who read your blogs and keep up with your weekly, and sometimes daily, progress.
Keep positive thoughts in your head and remember the ONE who is with you at all times.
Prayers for you.
Jeremy - You don't know me but I work with your dad at IPS. I read your blog every night before going to bed. I feel like I've become acquainted with your cast of characters as I keep up with all the comments as well. You are such a gifted writer; your sense of humor, faith, determination and command of the english language is absolutely amazing. You are such an inspiration to so many people. I'm so sorry you're having so much pain right now, I hope that it's improving daily. Hang in there. Maureen Cornelius
My family and I have enjoyed reading your blog throughout your journey. "I am just so damn proud of you." Your have more class in your little finger than most people would have in their life time. My daughter is a recent graduate from PT school. She has learned a great deal from your journals. Your insight has given her a better perspective on helping her patients. I have been wanting to leave a comment in the past, but it is never too late to start. I have thought of you often this week and hope you are feeling better. I work for IPS, your are always in our thoughts. My job takes me in and out of schools all day long, and people are always asking about you. Hope you are feeling better. Kathy Berg
Hey Jeremy,

I agree, we need you to finish your story soon, I've been waiting all week...and its harder for me, because with the time difference Im sleeping by the time you write, and so have to wait an extra day to read your blog!

Oh, and my wedding is fast approaching (I know, who would ever have beleived it), and I need you to be up to socialising with us for the reception :)

I really hope you get to feeling better soon, and that the pain eases some.

Loads of love, and feel better vibes coming your way,

Annie x
Your cousins here in Virginia Beach are pulling for you...We think of you everyday. Just yesterday my mother-in-law and I were talking about you over the phone. We discussed what an inspiration you are, how brave you are, and how thankful we all are to have you in our lives (even if only over the internet). I know things are real tough right now but try to look through to the other side of the pain - you will be up and about and this period will be nothing but a baaaddd memory.
Lisa Kuper Lusk
Hi Jeremy,
You already know that you have a wonderful sister but I just have to tell you what we think of her. Sarah is an absolutely fabulous person who is so loving, kind, generous, and giving. That's the short list; everyone who knows her could add more. I am truly honored to know her.
You have come through an incredible event, something most of us cannot imagine. Another messenger said that you have more class in your little finger than most people have in their lifetime...I couldn't agree more!
We hope and pray that your pain goes away VERY SOON!!!
Pam Moore
Jeremy , all those things that dull
our pain are wonderful when we have to have them but they leave us feeling lower than a whales belly as they mess with our mind.
You, my good man are the toughest
Dude around.Betty and I send our best PAIN FREE wishes and prayers.
Betty and Bill
Jeremy, Keep it up, Your doing great, you have been an inspiration to all, and we pray for you nightly hope your doing well. And God is with you always!!

You know I would try if I could, but since this comment "thing" only allows text, I can't leave you a "note" but hey, just sing "I've got a lov-uh-ly bunch of coconuts" to yourself and the notes will come!
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