Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Unexpected Surgery

Jeremy called me at school this morning from Wishard Hospital. He had gone for an ortho clinc to have his stitches removed and ended up being admitted and facing surgery this evening because the infection in his leg was worse. The doctors indicated that this was a "serious" issue.

So, at this point, Jeremy has already been in surgery and hopefully is returning to his room about now to rest for the evening. The doctor told Mom and Dad that he must have been in tremendous pain. There was a great deal of infection. They have cleaned it out well and the bone and tissue look healthy. A drain has been put in to assist with further removal of infection. They are going to culture the "gunk" they scraped out to determine the source of the infection. Until those results are in they will put him on a broad spectrum antibiotic (sound familiar?). Infectious disease doctors are also on the case to determine if there is an antibiotic that he can take orally-if not he will have IV antibiotics for 4-6 weeks. Fortunately, this can be done on an outpatient basis.

The doctor told them that just from cleaning out the infected area his leg is already a third of the size that it was when he went into surgery. This gives an indication of how swollen his leg was from the infection. She is optimistic that he will feel much better very soon and should return home in a couple of days. I certainly hope so.

I'll update you as things change. Thanks for keeping Jeremy in your prayers.

So sorry to hear of the latest developments with Jeremy and pray that he will soon be better!

Jeremy,even though we have never met, I feel as if I "know" you and your will to get better must be an inspiration to a lot of people who do know you.

Marilyn Becker
Hang in there Jeremy...you will be ok. Your in good hands both with the Lord and at the hospital. Neither one will let anything happen to you. You are blessed to have family around you, so feed on their positive thoughts ok!! Stay strong...hope to see you soon!
Love ya,
I'm sorry you had to go through yet more surgery, but at least they are positive about having got all the infection and that you are starting to heal already.

Try and keep positive, and know that there are a whole load of people out here praying for you and here to support you.

I hope that you get to feeling better after your surgery quickly.

Love Annie x
Wow ... definitely keeping you in prayer, Jeremy!

Hang in there, cousin.

Much love,
That stinks Germ. :( Feel better soon.

Jeremy -

Steve and I are in Vancouver this week, so we are sending lots of good thoughts to you from way out west!

I know we have not corresponded before now, but I wanted you to know that we check up on your progress frequently. We wish the very best for you. So even though there have been some obstacles in the way of your recovery, we know that your strength and perseverance will get you through. You are such an inspiration. Rest assured that many people located near and far have you and your well being in mind all the time.

Your Chesapeake Virginia Family,

Stewart, Sandi, Stephanie and Sarah

I just checked the blog and saw the rough week you are having. Jennie and I are thinking and praying for you. I hope the pain stops soon and that you can get home and back on track. You are amazing and don't forget that. Hang in there partner.
Dear Jeremy,

We are so sorry you...and your mom, dad and Sarah...are having to deal with yet another difficult time.

Skeets and I are here in Stafford, VA. with Minda and Mario to celebrate Cameron's 3rd birthday. Harry, Lilla and Mary-Camille are coming over this afternoon (Fri.), and I will let them know about talking with Patty last night. I'll talk to your mom again this evening. We are praying for another faster-than-expected recovery for you.


Merrilinda and Skeets
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