Thursday, June 15, 2006


Doin' Fine

Well, I didn't write last night because I had some appointments today. I meant to update you earlier but Comcast has decided to reprise their role as "thorn in my side" from my previous (pre-accident) life. My high speed internet has been down all day! Isn't it disturbing how much we've become reliant on these things?

I met with the Infectious Disease Doctors today for the first time since the infections were identified. (That was the surgery before last) They were happy with what they saw and said that they wouldn't need to see me again unless things changed. Unfortunately they also extended my end date for the antibiotics so I'm tied to the couch every night for at least two hours until July 21st.

My therapy visit with Renee went well. She was pleased with the condition of the wound. It's still bleeding a little but she says it's even better quality than last time. She then stuck her fingers into my gut in an attempt to get my psoaz (sp?) muscle to release. Sadly, the attempt was only partially successful. In order to get that muscle to release she has to push through my abdomen to a muscle that's attached to my spine. It's not comfortable and gets very difficult as Renee laughs at the faces I make which then causes me to laugh which seems to result in her having to start over. The last half hour I walked at the parallel bars with just the right leg. I'd forgotten how hard that was but it was nice to be vertical again.

Hopefully Dr. Stewart will take out my stitches next Tuesday and then comes the drivers evaluation. Things are moving forward again and I'm doing fine. Still tied to the house more than I like but that will change soon enough.

Glad to hear you are on the upswing.
We are all very proud of you!
Sounds like its all positive news right now and thats great to hear :) Keep up the good work.

Love annie x
You are such a trooper! Can you send some of your strength my way? I promise to be in touch soon (hopefully next week)!!! Take care and keep thinking about and working towards dancing at Buffett :)
Good news. I was getting worried but glad to hear you got positive reports from the doctor and are back at it in PT. Hang tough!
Glad to hear things are looking up again! Stay strong and keep up that positive attitude.

Take care,
Erin Longwell
Iliopsoas, FYI...and it would have released if I had 3 hours and a replacement pair of hands! Keep up the excellent work, Poster Child for PT!
Shame on Comcast! I was really upset when there was no post yesterday but relieved to see one today. I am glad things are going well once again. Stay focused and keep up those positive thoughts!
PS. Somebody gave me an email address for your parents but I have not heard back from them. Perhaps the wrong address? Perhaps they haven't checked it? Just FYI if you want to email me, they possibly have it.
Sounds like Renee enjoys her job a little too much ... :-D So glad to hear your wound is healing, Jeremy.

Still hoping we can swing by for a visit soon -- especially since we know you'll be there for at least 2 hours in the evening. ;-) We're looking forward to you meeting your newest 2nd (3rd? 4th?) cousin Claire Michelle born 6/10.

Much love,

Uncle Jeremy:
Tell those cute nurses to fix you completely so you can come visit and see me in person. The photos just don't do me justice.
Baby hugs and milk breath-
what do they say-the computer is only as good as the service it has!!? Nothing worse than having that happen! We are too tied to our computers and cell phones for sure!!!(at least I am)

Sally may call you and tell you that after almost a year there is no MRSA(staph infection) in her system!!! Hang in there! It will happen for you too(hopefully alot sooner than it did for Sally.) Glad to hear things are going okay. I was wondering too if you were feeling okay since there was no info on Wednesday.

love, Betsy
Do we have to be tied to the couch, can't the couch be moved outside for at least 2 hours of your day? But then no internet, no A/C, no color TV, etc. must I go on? I'm glad your feeling better, that is such positive news. Driving already? WOW, now that is a step in the right direction!! Keep up the good work!
Much love,
Hey Jerm;
Can we get more pictures? I know you haven't felt like taking any pictures but I know there have to be some out there somewhere...not to mention, to take your thoughts away from the "tied to the couch syndrome" how about updates on the house? Just trying to keep you focused brother. I'll be in touch :-)
Love ya,
Hi Jeremy,
Wow, driving.I'm so happy to hear of your progress and sorry to hear of the set backs. I hope to get to Indy soon and maybe see Linda, Kelly, and some of the old HI North gang. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Marie Fuehner
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