Thursday, June 08, 2006



Jeremy asked me to let you all know that he had a good day today. He says he is actually feeling better (emotionally) than he ever has following surgery. I'm convinced it's the cute nurses and the morphine! ;)

Actually-he looks and sounds wonderful. Hopefully he'll be home tomorrow and can update you then himself. More to come...


Always in my thoughts...
Keep your chin up kiddo.

Love Always,
Violet and Co.
Yay! THats fantastic news. I would also agree its probably the nurses and morphine :)

Keep up the good work.

Love Annie x
YEA, that is good news about him emotionally. Wonder if we can get the morphine in a year supply? Hopefully, we won't need it anymore after this surgery. No more surgeries Jerm!!
I hope you get to come home this weekend. You are in my prayers!!
Much love,
So glad to hear the good news. Heck, if I could sit around all day and have people bring me whatever I want (especially if they're cute) I would be in a good mood too!

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