Thursday, June 01, 2006


The Stitches...

are out! I was seen by a doctor who I had never met because Doctor Stewart still hasn't gotten back from Japan and the doctor who performed the surgery to remove the infection has rotated out to some place else. This doctor was concerned about the drainage because it's been over two weeks from the surgery but, he was pleased with the quality of the drainage. I'm sure you're all relieved to know that I have high quality drainage!

The thought was that perhaps having the stitch removed might speed up the healing process in that particular area. The rest of the incision has healed up nicely. I get to see Dr. Stewart on Tuesday morning and will hopefully be cleared to be fit for a new prosthesis. If that happens I should be up and running (walking, I don't run) with in the next two weeks! Any spiritual help you can focus in that direction will be much appreciated.

Hey Jerm;
That is great news about the stitches. I'm praying for you buddy for a quick and steady recovery so that we can walk again...I'm on the road to recovery myself so spread the wealth of prayers. Let's just say one together and eehhwwee the power of prayers will be in our favor!! Keep updating the blog because I'm bad about calling you.
Much love and prayers are coming your way....

Marsha :-)
If you need a laugh, look at my two comments from "oops!" I'll bet you will run soon. That's just your nature!
Hi Jeremy,
Glad to hear the good news and see your sence of humor is back.I knew you wouldn't lose it for long. Can't wait to hear you are up and walking again. I'm keeping up the prayers. Say hello to your mom and dad.
Love Della
Sending positive energy!
Thats great news that your healing so well. You'll be up and about before you know it.

Sending good healing thoughts your way :)

Keep up the good work,

Love Annie x
Hey Jerm;
Prayer train is up and running strong. We need to keep the families of the Taylor University students in our thoughts. One can only imagine the pain/sorrow/joy/grief/relief/ that they must be are you feeling? I'm so glad your with us on this earth! Thinking of you as always,
Glad to hear about the high quality drainage! Sheesh, do you have to excel in *every* area??!! ;-)

You wrote that you will be fitted for a new prosthesis. Is this due to the changes in the leg that had the infection?

I'll be praying that you'll be up again in the next two weeks.

Much love,

That's the Jeremy that we all love. I wish I could have that sense of humor in the bad times...You are a true example of not letting anything you down. My friend we miss you very much and I can not wait to finally see you again.
Ana Maria and Manny
Hi Jeremy; After a VERY long conversation with you Mom and looking at your blog site, I am finally brought up to date. You have been in my prayers and thoughts. I know the road is long but you are going to be okay. The highest compliment I can give you is that you are as strong and wonderful a person as my Dad, Bob, and your Grandpa. Hang in there!

Love, your cousins in Terre Haute, Betsy and Don
Hey there Buddy! Glad to hear that you back on the road to wellness again! The other night I have a conversation with the man upstairs (after a couple of cocktails) and he has assured me that you will reach your goal!

I had to talk to him again the next morning....mor selfish reasons I must admit...bit none the less I reaffirmed his committment!

Take care! Looking forward to hearing that the doors are back on!

Todd M.
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