Thursday, June 08, 2006


Surgery went well

Surgery was over early this evening. It went fine. The doctor cleaned out the infection. She also removed the nail that was in his femur because this could be a source of infection. Jeremy asked her to clean it up and give it to him so Mom is carrying it around in her purse. He is spending tonight and tomorrow night at Wishard in the Burn Unit-he likes it there-must be the cute nurses who cater to him. I saw him this evening and he seemed in fairly good spirits. When I left he was demanding morphine and enjoying graham crackers and a milkshake. Hopefully he is having a relatively peaceful night. Hopefully this surgery will do the trick. As always, Jeremy and his family appreciate your thoughts and prayers. We'll continue to keep you posted. Have a good night. :)

Glad to hear it went well.

Enjoy the spoiling by the nurses while you can :)

Love Annie x

What a way to start my weekend Jerm with good news. Keep going, keep going, keep's only uphill from here. Sarah, as always, nice job. Not only being a sister but a friend Jeremy can turn too. Your family is in my prayers. Do you think it's the pretty nurses, can't be the surgery.
Much love,
Sorry to hear you need more surgery(believe me I do know how that feels) but so glad to hear that maybe this will take care of it! I was told that the metal in my leg would also cause infection so let's hope that will be the end of it for you and you can begin to move forward! (literally and figuratively!!!) We keep all of you in our prayers! I actually have one of the pins that came out of my leg. It seemed very symbolic to me too!

Much love to all, your cousin, Betsy
Perservere, buddy! Remember, we're only handed what we can handle and you've already proved you can go the distance! Love and prayers,
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